The Refill

The Refill is an online blog produced by a team of JETs in Fukuoka!*

Why is it called “The Refill”?

Fukuoka is famous for a soup-noodle dish called ramen (this might be an understatement). There are many ways to make a bowl of ramen your own: a dash of this, a splash of that, or a side of those. But ramen shops in Fukuoka offer another option, a second helping of delicious noodles called kaedama. This lets happy patrons refill their bowls with noodles, extending the life of the broth. This parallels our goals for The Refill: To fill you in about the Fukuoka community and extend your life in Japan by serving up new insights, ideas and experiences.


We can’t do it alone! There are many chances for you to showcase your talents. Submissions are always welcome. There is a lot to see and do before the next issue comes out so be sure to keep your pen and camera handy! The submission deadline for each issue is three weeks before publication, but we will continue to accept submissions of any kind for future issues.

Contact us at We look forward to hearing about your experiences in Fukuoka!


The Refill made a video about Fukuoka! Watch it here:

Past issues as published bi-monthly newsletters*




*The Refill is formerly a bi-monthly newsletter produced by a team of Fukuoka JETs.