Your First Visit

First Trip to the Immigration Office

Following things you will need

  1. Application for Extension of Period of Stay (zairyu kikan koushin kyoka shinseisho 在留期間更新許可申請書)

  2. Passport

  3. Residence Card

  4. A photo (4cm by 3cm) (Note: This photo can be taken at any photo booth.)

The four items above should be enough but please ask your contracting organization and bring at least one of these documents with you.

  • Tax Payment Certification (nozei shomeisho 納税証明書)

  • Tax Declaration Certificate (kazei shomeisho 課税証明書)

  • Letter of Appointment (jirei 辞令) (this looks like a certificate, you get it twice a year, in summer and in April)

Bring all supporting documents to the immigration office. If there are no problems, they will ask you to write your name and address. They will send you a postcard in the mail with procedures to complete your visa extension. There is a time period in which your application may expire so make your second trip to the immigration office as soon as possible. If you can’t make it within the time period, contact the immigration office immediately. Please note that all documents submitted will not be returned with the exception of your passport and residence card.

After getting your postcard– let’s prepare for your second visit.