Maryann Miyashiro
Fukuoka Prefectural Board of Education
Senior High School Education Division
TEL: 092-643-3905  

My name is Maryann Miyashiro and I am the Prefectural Advisor (PA) for the High School (SHS) Division of the Fukuoka Board of Education (BOE).  I was born in the Philippines and lived in many different places as a child throughout both America and Asia, including the city of Fussa in Western Tokyo.  But Washington State, USA is where I really grew up.  I love the beautiful scenery and laidback atmosphere in the Pacific Northwest.

At univeristy I recieved my degree in Fine Art Drawing and Painting and took great inspiration from Japanese artwork, both ancient and contemporary.  After university I worked as an artist at a design company as well as an art portfolio coach for high school students who speak English as their second language applying to fine art schools in English-speaking countries.

I came to Fukuoka as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) via the JET Programme in 2014.  I spent my first three years here in Omuta where I taught at two different high schools and really enjoyed living in and exploring the Japanese countryside.  As your SHS PA, I am happy to help in many ways.  Some of those ways include:

  • Giving information and personal support to ALTs,
  • Mediating when issues or problems arise between ALTs and their schools,
  • Judging speech contests and debate contests throughout Fukuoka Prefecture,
  • Doing random English checks for the Fukuoka BOE,
  • Assisting in the training of Japanese teachers of English in Fukuoka Prefecture,
  • Planning and organizing ALT meetings,
  • Planning and organizing the annual Skills Development Conference,
  • Meeting, greeting, and accompanying new JETs from Tokyo to Fukuoka Prefecture,
  • Assisting the International Affairs Office with the orientation of new JETs, and
  • Compiling the Departure Packet for non-reappointing JETs.

Please feel free to contact me any time with your inquiries or concerns.  I am looking forward to getting to know you all, and I hope everyone enjoys their experience in lovely Fukuoka! ​