Kitakyushu City PA

Kris Leung
7utw6Y9BkIhAI.3-342-1-attach-d2Kitakyushu City Board of Education
TEL: 090-8356-1018

Hello! My name is Kris Leung and I’m on my fourth year of JET. I’m the prefectural advisor for Kitakyushu City JETs. I’m from the beautiful city of Vancouver in Canada and I also have experience with studying and living in Japan.

I received my degree from the University of British Columbia and majored in Japanese Language and Culture. I’ve worked as a Junior High School ALT for 3 years and have just started teaching at the City High School in Kitakyushu. Kitakyushu is a bustling beautiful city that has many fun tourist locations.

In my spare time, I enjoy taking pictures, cooking and doing magic. I joined the magic club during my study abroad experience at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto. Let me know if you want to learn some easy magic tricks to dazzle your students!

Enjoy your time in Fukuoka and please ask me if you have any questions!