Wesley Bishop

PA for Prefectural JHS & ES JET ALTs

Hello!  My name is Wesley Bishop and I’m the Prefectural Advisor (PA) for Prefectural JHS & ES JET ALTs. This is my 5th year on JET.  I spent my first 3 years teaching at 20+ elementary and junior high schools in areas surrounding Fukuoka City as an ALT for the Fukuoka Education Office.

As a PA, my responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Planning and management of events such as ALT training meetings, the yearly Skills Development Conference, Fukuoka JET Orientation, and English Camps.
  • Coordination of the JET Program – acting as a liaison between ALTs, offices, the BOE, and CLAIR; providing contractual clarification; assisting incoming and outgoing JETs; and overseeing the area leader system, JET website, and providing support to AJET.
  • Acting as an ALT for the Board of Education – providing assistance at JTE training seminars; team teaching at demonstration classes; judging speech contests; and proofreading/editing/translating documents.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you need anything at all. I hope you have a great experience living and working in Fukuoka!