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at a glance

Yukuhashi is the birthplace of Suematsu Kencho, a Cambridge University graduate, famous politician and statesman during the Meiji era. It’s also famous for its produce, including figs, peaches and oysters




Nanohana Matsuri

Late March

Minoshima Sangyozai

Late November

getting there

By train: At Kokura Station on the JR Kagoshima Line transfer to the JR Nippo Line for Yukuhashi.

points of interest

Mt. Hiraodai isn’t technically in Yukuhashi but it is easily accessible from the city. There is a small limestone cave that makes for an interesting visit. For the ambitious, you can cycle up the mountain. The signs to Mt. Hiraodai are written in English and well placed. On Route 201, after you have crossed Nagao River, there is a fork in the road. At these lights, turn right. Within a kilometer the road swings to the right, so be careful. Follow this until the end. Turn right and quickly left. Follow this road up the mountain.

Shonomiyashohachiman shrine is a mouthful to say, but definitely worth a visit. From Yukuhashi Station, facing the City Hall, head down the road and to the right. 7 Gyoji.

eating and drinking

Ako is an absolutely fantastic okonomiyaki restaurant. They have great variety for a reasonable price. Definitely worth a visit! Facing City Hall from Yukuhashi Station, go right—it’s  at the intersection with a main road. Jinden-machi. 11am-10pm, closed Tues • 0930-22-4939 • http://www.hotpepper.jp/A_20700/strJ000657081.html • ¥

Chachamaru is an extremely popular yakitori place with two locations. From the station, turn right and the first is on your left after the 007 Club, about three blocks towards City Hall. The other is located near Yasukawa on the same road as YouMe Town. 2-5-14 2F Chu?. 5pm-1am, closed Sun • 0930-24-8876 • ¥¥

Garam Garam serves authentic Indian curry for cheap!  Head toward Kokura on Route 28 (or old Route 10). It’s just past Bulldog, on the left next to Hokka Hokka Tei. 3-1-28 Gyoji. 11am-2:30pm & 5.30-9:30pm. Sat & Sun 11:30am-9:30pm • 0930-25-4647 • Eng • ¥¥

Bunbuku Jaya is a chain restaurant great for all types of food. The sashimi, tempura and nabe are recommended. From the station, head towards City Hall. It’s about 15 meters down the road on the right. 3-350-6 Ch??. 11am-1am, LO 12am • 093-026-1578 • ¥

Miya serves food from Okinawa for a decent price. Located just a bit further down from Bunbuku Jaya on the right-hand side. • ¥¥

Mori no kyushitsu  is a nice restaurant for pasta. Expect to pay between ¥1000 and ¥3000 for lunch. Located on Route 201. 2-12 Jinden-machi. 0930-26-0028 • lunch ¥¥, dinner ¥¥¥¥

Pizza Cities has authentic-tasting pizza. From the station, go towards the City Hall, and at the third set of lights turn right onto old route 10. At the third set of lights, turn left. You can see Best Denki on the right opposite corner. Pizza Cities is about 150 meters down the road on the right. 1-11-14 1F Chu?. 11am-11pm; closed Tue • 0930-25-2510 • ¥¥

RED HOT’N BLUE is a must for Mexican food fans. This bar has a casual and friendly atmosphere with a bartender/chef/DJ who makes great nachos and tacos. Try and request some songs! Happy hour 7pm-9pm; all cocktails ¥500. From the station, head towards City Hall. At the first traffic lights, turn right. It’s on the right, next to Big Bear’s Pizza. 7pm-3am; closed Tue • ¥¥

Usagi is a bar/restaurant that’s good for a drink. Heading toward the City Hall from the station, turn left at the first set of lights. It’s on the left-hand corner of the fourth block. 9-1 Minaichi-machi. 7-11pm, Fri & Sat until 1am; closed Mon • 093-023-9000 • http://ww7.tiki.ne.jp/~veloce/index.htm 0930-23-9000 • ¥¥

Shopping Centres

Costa was built recently across Imagawa River from YouMe Town and has many shops including Right On, Hello Day Supermarket, Daiso, GooDay, a book shop and DVD/CD rental place as well as Tsutaya, Himaraya Sports Shops and a good, cheap kaiten-zushi shop. 6-1-1 Nishiizumi.

Nafco is a homewares store located on Route 28 (old Route 10 heading south). Sunpal is also here. 3-3 Kitaizumi. 9.30am-8pm • 0930-22-8055.

Lumine can be the cheapest place to shop but doesn’t provide great variety. Located on old Route 10 heading north.

Sendo Ichiba is a great cheap place for fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and meat. There are great specials on Saturday afternoon just before closing. You have to be quick as the locals all know about it. Right next to Yukuhashi Station.

YouMe Town offers great variety and the opportunity to save money by using a point card. From Yukuhashi Station head away from City Hall and turn left at the 7-Eleven intersection. It’s on the right. 3-8-1 Nishimayaichi. 0930-24-8211.


Angel is large and really nice karaoke club. From Yukuhashi Station go towards City Hall for three blocks. Turn right and go straight for two blocks; it is on the right, upstairs.

Korokke Club is a karaoke club near the station. Head away from City Hall to the 7-Eleven intersection—follow the road past UniQlo and cross the bridge. It is on your left. 7-3-8 Gyoji. 0930-26-0007

Queen’s Echo is cheaper than other karaoke clubs and their nomihoudai is  a great value. Located just over Imagawa on old Route 10, heading south. 2-3-5 Kitaizumi. 12pm-6am, days before holidays 10am • 093-022-1682 •http://homepage2.nifty.com/queensecho/yukuhashitop.html


Prior Sports Club is located in central Yukuhashi and has a 25-meter pool. It offers various fitness and aquatics classes. Membership ranges from ¥5,700 to ¥9,800 per month. From the station, head straight towards City Hall. When the Yukuhashi Shopping Arcade is on your left, turn right. The gym is about 150 meters down the road on the right. 2-6-12 Chu?.  Mon-Fri 10am-11:30pm Sat 10am-10pm, Sun & holidays10am-6pm; closed the 29th, 30th and 31st of every month • 0930-22-5557.

Toyotsu Machi BG Training Centre (Sogo Und?ba) is a cheap and great place to work out. There’s an annual fee of ¥4500 plus ¥150 per visit. Don’t forget indoor shoes! Classes are available for an additional cost. From City Hall, follow the road along Imagawa (inland) and turn left onto Route 496 at the second bridge. Follow this for about 7km and turn left on Route 58. You will see the gym on the left hand side on the hill.

Yukuhashi Cosmate holds various classes such as yoga at a low cost. 4-3 Gyoji.


Shirakawa Clinic has the only English-speaking doctor in town. It is located on old Route 10 about 150 meters north of Nafco and Sun Pal, next to the 7-Eleven. Shirakawa is in hiragana (しらかわ) on the front of the building. 2-1903 Kitaizumi. Mon-Fri 8:30am-1pm & 3pm-6:30pm. Sat 8:30am-2pm • 093-26-1103.


Cosmate Center houses the Yukuhashi Library and Culture Hall. A large collection of CDs, videotapes and laser discs are available, many in English. You have to be a resident of Yukuhashi to take any of the media home with you, but there are usually monitors, cassettes and CD players available in the audio-visual area of the library. Alternatively, you can rent videos, CDs, and video games at Sunday Home Video. 4-3 Gyoji. 9am-10pm

The Culture & Community Center (Chuo Kominkan) offers Japanese and culture classes. 1-9-26 Daibashi. 9am-10pm • 0930-22-3911.