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Matsuri Okagaki End of October

Points of Interest

Budou no Ki Village (Grape Tree Village) is a quiet place with a bakery, wine shop, cafe, buffet yakiniku restaurant and a traditional Japanese restaurant. You can rent your own little villa for lunch or dinner, with karaoke included. Great for a group! It’s run by the same company that owns Yahata Ya Mankai no Yu, located just a few minutes away. Turn right at Serita intersection, and at the next small intersection, Teno, turn left. It’s on your right. 1-8-3 Teno. 093-282-2226 •http://www.budounoki.co.jp

Hatsu Beach is popular with surfers. In spring and summer, there are often good waves just as a high pressure system (usually bringing good weather) comes in to replace a low one (usually bringing rainy weather). In the winter, you can expect good waves on days when the weather suddenly becomes cold. From Ebitsu Station (JR Kagoshima Line, local trains only) take the #6 bus to Hatsu Kaisuiyokujo-mae.

Yahata Ya Mankai no Yu is a small Japanese-style inn along the beautiful Okagaki coast featuring an onsen and an organic restaurant serving locally-grown food. The restaurant is open from 11:30am-3pm and 6-10pm, with an all-you-can-eat buffet for ¥1600. Relax and watch the sea in either the 1st or 4th floor rotemburo (open air bath). On evenly numbered days, the women’s bath is on the 1F and men’s on the 4F. One visit is ¥800, or buy six tickets for ¥4000. From Ebitsu Station (JR Kagoshima Line, local trains only), catch the bus to Hatsu Kaisuiyokuba. 10:30am-11pm; holidays 5:30-10pm • 093-282-0031

Eating and Drinking

Sushi Yatai is on the beach just across the street from Yahata Ya Mankai no Yu. It is housed in a train car and has great views of the ocean. Twelve pieces of sushi for ¥2500. 11:30am-3pm & 5:30-9pm closed Wed unless it’s a national holiday • 093-282-1772  • http://www.budounoki.co.jp/tenpo/susi/ • ¥¥

Living there

Fruit picking offers you the chance to pick your own grapes (mid-August to mid-September,) mikan (mid-October to mid-December) and strawberries (mid-April to mid-May.)  For more information, call the Chiiki Zukurika (Regional Promotion) on 093-282-1211 (CIR available for English Information)

Sanri-Ai is a community center that offers a variety of classes on pottery, ikebana, painting and more. Okagaki-machi. 093- 282-1515; closed Wed.