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at a glance

Nakama has a population of more than 47 000. It’s a predominantly suburban area that feels like an

extension of Kitakyushu City.


Chikuzen Nakama Cherry Blossom Matsuri

Late March-early April

Kisshoji Temple Wisteria Matsuri

April 27-29th

Chikuzen Nakamagawa Matsuri

August 15th

Chikuzen Nakama Yacchare Matsuri

3rd weekend of October

getting there

By train: At Kurosaki Station transfer from the JR Kagoshima Line to the Chikuho Electric Railroad (aka Baby Train) and get off at Toritani Station.

points of interest

Habu Koen is the largest park in Nakama. Legend says that when you cross the red bridge over the pond, you enter the realm of the gods. You can also find models of ancient burial mounds! Take the Chikuho Electric Railroad from Kurosaki Station to Chikuho Nakama Station. Then take bus #69 to Habu Station. Entry is free!. Boats are available from 10am-5pm on April 1-15 & Jul 21-Aug 31 everyday. Boats unavailable from April 16–Jul 20 • 093-246-6261.

Yane no Nai Hakubutsukan (The Roofless Museum) is a small green park with sculptures by artists from around the world. It runs along the road for a few blocks. From Orio Station take the JR Fukuhoku Yutaka Line to JR Nakama Station.

living there

Daiei Shoppers Mall is located near Toritani Station on the Chikuho Electric Railroad line. There are many retail shops and a food court, as well as a Best Denki and grocery store in the same building. 3-11-1 Kamirengeji. 9am-11pm • 093-246-1147.

Nakama Konami sports club has a pool, sauna, studio and exercise machines. 1-36-8 Raven 21 Plaza, Toritani. Mon-Fri 9am-12am, Sat 10am-10pm, Sun & holidays 10am-8pm closed Wed 4-10pm; LO 9.30pm; closed every 4th Thursday of the month • 093-243-3270.

United Cinema is the 16-screen theater complex near Daei. 3-1-1 4F Kamirengeji.
Wendy’s will nurse your craving for familiar, oh-so-greasy burgers from home. Near the United cinema entrance. Shoppers Mall, 3-11-1 Kamirengeji. 10am-8pm • ¥