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at a glance

Miyako-machi was recently formed when Katsuyama-machi, Saigawa-machi, and Toyotsu-machi merged. There is a Tourist Information Center located at the heart of the Toyotsu district.


Culture/Agriculture/Fireworks Matsuri

3rd weekend of November

Himawari Matsuri


Irei Matsuri

August 21st

Jinkosai Matsuri

Late April

Kagara Matsuri

1st weekend of May

Mikoshi Matsuri

2nd weekend of May

points of interest

Hiko-san is one of the best hikes in Fukuoka Prefecture. A well-marked trail leads from a large temple near the foot of the mountain to various interesting shrines and sites along the way. Great view, but the shrine at the top is a little disappointing. Give yourself the day to enjoy the hike, or stay overnight. It’s a good idea to get a map and drive up.

Honjo-ike was originally a reservoir for the rice fields and has since been developed into a beautiful park with a pleasant walking course. Visitors enjoy fishing, picnics and various activities.  It’s a fifteen-minute walk from the Heisei Chikuho Railroad Saigawa Station. 0930-32-2511.

Jabuchi no Taki Waterfall and Campsite is located in the far southern district of Hobashira bordering Oita Prefecture, on the way to Hikosan. Bungalows are available at cheap rates in the summer. For more information, please contact Miyako Town Office’s Industry Promotion Section (Sangyo Shinko-ka). 0930 32-2512.

Naganuma-Tei is an Edo period Japanese house that has been designated as a treasure of national heritage. Located in the southern part of the Hobashira district near the border of Oita Prefecture. For more information, contact the Industry Promotion Section. 0930-32-2512.

Toyotsu Historical Museum features ancient artifacts dating from the feudal period of the Buzen Kingdom. Adults ¥210, children ¥100; discounts for groups. 1122-13 Toyotsu. 9:30am-5pm (admittance until 4:30pm). Closed Mon (Tue if Mon is a holiday) and Dec 29-Jan 3.