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at a glance

Buzen has a population of roughly 29 000, and is famous for the best oysters in the region.


Hon-machi Gion

Late April – early May

Karasutengu Matsuri

November 2nd

Otaue Matsuri

Late March
Tengu Matsuri

3rd weekend October

getting there

by train. On the JR Nippo Line, get off at Unoshima Station

points of interest

Bokusen no Sato is a very small onsen at the foot of Mt. Kubote. One of the baths contains specially made salt deposits good for your skin. Tattoos are accepted. From Unoshima Station go left at the stoplight then right on Route 32. Continue for 20 minutes (by car) and the onsen will be off to your right. 57-2 Shisone, ?aza. 10.30am-10pm. 0979-84-5000. http://www.city.buzen.fukuoka.jp/sight/bokusen/bokusennosato.htm

Mt. Kubote is the legendary home of the deity Tengu. The hike only takes a few hours and offers the occasional monkey, deer or wild boar sighting. It is also known for its fire walking ceremony in April. Located about an hour by bike from City Hall.  From Unoshima Station go left on Route 113, then right on Route 32 and follow it for about 25-30 minutes. The route is clearly posted. Kubote, ?aza. Contact Buzen Municipal Office, Department of Commerce, Industry and Tourism on 0979-82-1111 (Extension: 1174) for more information.

Taiheiraku This is a huge complex with hot springs, sports grounds, gift shops and a lodge cabin. Located between Koge-machi and the Yamakuni River on Route 10. 1925 Shimotobaru, Taihei-mura, Chikujo-gun. 0979-84-7654. http://www.taiheiraku.jp/

Tengu no Yu onsen is a good place to relax and practice your Japanese. It’s one of the social hubs of Buzen and tattoos aren’t a problem. From Unoshima Station go right on Route 113. At the first 7-Eleven take a left then your immediate next left. At the fork in the road stay to the right, but be careful because it forks immediately. The onsen is on the right hand side. Tattoos aren’t a problem. 1725-1 Hachiya, ?aza. 10am-10pm 0979-82-1094.http://www.city.buzen.fukuoka.jp/sight/tenguonsen/onsen.htm

eating and drinking

Bunbuku Chaya is a small regional izakaya chain with a wide selection of yakitori and other food. It’s great value for money. From Unoshima Station go straight past the stoplight and cross Route 113. Follow the road that veers to the right until you hit a fork in the road. At the fork stay left; Bunbuku is on the left side. 1667-12 Hachiya, ?aza. 0979-82-0514 • http://www.doko.jp/shop/sc60149826/ •  Eng • ¥¥

Kuro Noren is an extremely popular place to eat and drink in Buzen. The food
is great, mixing classic yakitori with their own variations, such as pizza tsukune (meatballs). You can also try raw chicken. Can be packed on weekends. From Unoshima Station go left on Route 113 for about two minutes, and the shop will be on your left. It’s right next to M’s. 1888-14 Hachiya, ?aza. 5pm-12am • 0979-82-7272 •http://www.tp-active.co.jp/kuro/access.html • ¥¥

M’s cocktail bar has a great staff. There are tons of cocktails and a small food menu, including oden in the winter. About a minute walk from the station. Drinks are ¥700 with no base charge. From Unoshima Station go left on Route 113 and M’s will be on your right. 7pm-1am, closed Sun • 0979-82-4235 • ¥¥

Martini Pizza serves tasty pizza with a Japanese twist, mostly for around ¥1000. They also have a wide selection of wine and cocktails, but specialize in martinis. From Unoshima Station go left on Route 113, then right on Route 32. It’s on the right side, just before Tanpopo. 5pm-12:30am, closed Tue • 0979-83-0248 • ¥¥

Nakahata Karaage is a must for those who like fried chicken. It’s a very small takeout shop located by Hachiya Elementary School. From Unoshima Station go right on Route 113 and left just before the first 7-Eleven. Then take the first left—Nakahata will be on your right. • 0979-82-2238 • ¥¥

Sanukichaya. serves fairly traditional set meals. Great quality for the price; around ¥1200-1800 per person for a full dinner meal. From Unoshima Station take a left on Route 113; just before Joyfull on your right. 404-3 Oaza, Akakuma. 11am-8pm; closed Tues • 0979-82-1013 • http://www.hotpepper.jp/A_20700/strJ000570304.html • ¥¥

Tanpopo Okonomiyaki has a friendly and talkative owner that hails from Osaka. Prices range from ¥500-700 for Osaka-style okonomiyaki. From Unoshima Station, go left on Route 113, then right on Route 32. The building is a log cabin-style complex. 1392-1 Akakuma, Oaza. 11:30am-7pm • 0979-83-2273 •http://www.hotpepper.jp/A_20700/strJ000570357.html • ¥


Daiei has a good selection of groceries and household items. From Unoshima Station, go left on Route 113, then right on Route 32. Follow 32 until you hit Route 10. Take a left on 10 and Daiei will be on your left (with a tomato on the sign). 9.30am-8pm. 394 Kishii, ?aza • 0979-84-1160.

Sunlive is a grocery store that will cover the basics. From Unoshima Station, go left on Route 113 then right on Route 32; it’s on the right.

Trial is a super center with everything from food to clothes to household supplies. From Unoshima Station go right on Route 113 and drive for about five minutes; it’s on the right.10:10am-10pm • 0979-84-0339.


Buzen Community Sports Center offers a wide variety of sports and even has a weight room. Found next to Masuda Home Living on Route 113.
Taiko group (traditional Japanese drumming) meets at the Shiyakusho on Mon, Wed & Fri at 8pm.