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at a glance

Ashiya-machi is home to the Ashiya Air Base, famous for its appearance in the 1970 movie Tora! Tora! Tora! In July and August, enjoy the beautiful hamayu flowers and lovely beaches.


Hanabi Taikai

Late July

Gion Yamakasa

August 15th

Ashiya Sand Sculpture Matsuri

Late August

getting there

By bus: Take the Kitakyushu Municipal bus from Kurosaki to Jieitai-mae ???? bus stop.

points of interest

Ashiyagama no Sato has a studio where you can watch the area’s famous cast-iron kettles used in tea ceremony being handcrafted using a centuries old method. There is also a beautiful Japanese garden and a Japanese teahouse. From Kurosaki bus center, take the Nishitetsu bus bound for Tsurumatsu Danchi. Get off at Yamaga Yubinkyoku-mae (Yamaga Post Office) and walk for five minutes. Adult entrance fee: 200 yen. 9am-5pm. 1558-3 Yamaga, Oaza. 093-223-5881 •www.town.ashiya.fukuoka.jp/hp/page000000400/hpg000000341.htm

Ashiya Race Boat Centre holds exciting speed boat races. There’s also a morning market on the second and fourth Sunday of every month, offering fresh fish and vegetables at reasonable prices. From JR Orio Station there is a free bus service to the Boat Centre running daily from 12:50am-3:30pm and from 4-10pm •www.kyotei.or.jp/ashiya/

Cycling Ashiya-machi is considered one of the best cycling routes along the coast in Fukuoka. There is a cycling road that starts on the west side of Ashiya-machi and continues through Okagaki to Munakata-shi. Please note that bicycles for hire are not available from this point. . From Kurosaki bus center take the Nishitetsu bus bound for Tsurumatsu Danchi. Get off at Ashiya-cho Yakuba-mae and walk for ten minutes.

eating and drinking

Ariran is a Korean yakiniku chain. From Jieitai-mae, follow the bus down the road for a short while. At the traffic light by Fukuoka Bank, make a shallow right, follow that road for a bit, and it’ll be on your left. 21-14 Takahama-machi. 4-10pm; LO 9.30pm; closed every 4th Thursday • 093-222-0613 • ¥¥

Chobei Yakitori is rated best of the cheap restaurants here. This authentic, down-home place only seats ten or so around the bar. From the center of town, head down the arcade and turn right at the traffic signal. It’s on the left at the blinking traffic signal. 5-19 Takahama-machi. 5:30-11pm; Closed Tues • 093-222-3666 • ¥

Joy Factory Café is one of two places in town that is actually a bar and not a snack bar (the other is a small place called The Ron). They have a wide variety of drinks and pub food in both Japanese and American styles. Nori, the owner, speaks English well. Located at the main intersection in town. 1-1 Takahama-machi. 10am-12am; Weds 6pm-12am. Sat, Sun and day before a holiday, open until 2am • 093-222-0114 •www.joyfactory-cafe.kyushu.walkerplus.com/konshu.html • ¥¥

Juju is an excellent but expensive yakiniku restaurant. Follow the directions to Chobei Yakitori and turn left at the blinking light; it’ll be right in front of you at the bend in the road. 17-1 Takahama-machi. 5-10:30pm, Closed Mon • 093-222-0298 • ¥¥¥

Kaede serves homemade Japanese cooking at a reasonable price. It’s a regular hang-out for people from the nearby air base. The curry is delicious, if a little heavy on the cardamom. Located at the far end of the arcade on the right • ¥

Keijo is a small place with traditional seating and the best yakiniku in town. Their oxtail soup is delicious but always in limited supply. Many of their house specials are made in advance in small quantities. From Jieitai mae bus stop, go across the parking lot toward the side street to your right, and it’s right in front of you. 2-7 Sendo-machi.  ¥¥

Sushi-Q offers good sushi in a nice atmosphere. Very little English is spoken, but even a Japanese-language novice can get by here. It is immediately to your left as you exit the bus at Jieitai-mae ????. 1-36 Send?-machi. 11am-9pm; Closed Weds • 093-223-1015 • ¥

Taisho Yakitori has a traditional atmosphere and is very popular. Located right across the street from the Junior High School bus stop. There is another location in Okagaki-machi, which is usually fully booked on the weekends except for some space at the bar. It’s a five-minute walk from JR Ebitsu Station. For the Okagaki location, walk down the stairs from the station and along the stream until you get to the first intersection. Turn left and you can’t miss the big, red Taisho sign. • ¥¥