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Kitakyushu City

Kitakyushu is the second largest city in Fukuoka with a population of around 1 million, including a decent handful of JETs and ex-pats making up its international scene.  It’s composed of six cities; Kokura, Moji, Tobata, Wakamatsu, Yahata and Kurosaki.  We’ve grouped these into four main regions and provided information about each below. Aside from this web site, Kitakyushu City’s Tourism Association has a great English language web site that’s worth visiting to get acquainted with some of the regions’ draw cards for visitors.


At a Glance Kokura has a population of about 650,000 and is the heart of Kitakyushu City. It once flourished as a castle town, but is now Kitakyushu’s biggest entertainment and shopping district. Festivals Kokura Castle Cherry Blossom Matsuri Late March-early April Kokura Gion Daiko Matsuri Third weekend of July Wasshoi Summer Matsuri First week of August Getting There By …

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At a Glance Moji is the northernmost region in Kyushu, where you can enjoy remnants of its history as an international trading port like the Mitsui club, visited by Albert Einstein 1920s, or the Mojiko’s retro waterfront. Festivals Kanmon Kaikyo Summer Fireworks Matsuri Early August Getting There By Train: Head to Moji or Mojiko stations at …

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Tobata and Yahata

At a Glance Yahata is famous as the international section of Kitakyushu as it is home to the Kitakyushu International Association and Kyushu International University. Tobata is the smallest ward of Kitakyushu City and lies to the north of Yahata. Festivals Tobata Gion Matsuri  Fourth weekend of July Kurasaki Gion July 20th-23rd Nagasaki Kaido Matsuri …

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Wakamatsu and Kurosaki

At a Glance Wakamatsu is primarily known for its beaches, which are small but suitable for relaxing or windsurfing. To the south, Kurosaki is home to the popular Kurosaki Gion festival in July. Getting There By train. Take the JR Kagoshima Line to Kurosaki or Orio stations. From Orio, take the Wakamatsu Line to Wakamatsu …

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