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at a glance

Previously Akama, Togo and Oshima Island

Famous for Munakata Shrine and the encompassing natural beauty of the Genkai seaside

Visit http://www.city.munakata.lg.jp/e_index.html for more information

getting there

By train…

– Akama and Togo Stations on the JR Kagoshima Line 1

By car…

– Off Route 3 north of Fukutsu-shi

points of interest

Oshima Island offers fantastic scenery, cattle ranches, a windmill, lighthouse, observatory deck, onsen and more. In the cooler months of winter or early spring there are spectacular views from the island. It costs 600 (round trip) to take your bike onto the ferry or for the same price you can rent one at Oshima Port for three hours. Maps of the island available at either port.

getting there…

To get to the ferry take Route 495 through Tsuyazaki and follow the big blue signs for the ferry. Ferry 500 each way.

eating and drinking

Ciao is a great Italian shop with a lunch special that includes pasta, a mini salad and coffee or tea for under 1000. Dinner starts at 800 per entree. Between Togo and Akama in Munakata on the main bus route, or a ten-minute walk from Munakata High School, just past the Togo Bashi bridge/intersection. It looks like a log cabin, so it’s difficult to miss. Tue-Sun 11:30-LO 9:30pm. Tel 094-035-5030. While you’re there, check out their new stone bath next door, 1000/hour. 10am-10pm, last entry 9pm. Tel 094-033-1849.

Enzo Deli is new to Akama and is affiliated with Enzo, an Italian restaurant in Genkai-machi near Tsuyazaki. A ten-minute walk from JR Akama Station, past Sunlive. Tel 094-033-6823.

Todoroki Tei is a French restaurant across the street from the front entrance of JR Togo Station. Reservations recommended. Some English spoken. Tel 094-037-2140. Munakata-Togo.

living there

For more services, go to Fukutsu and Koga.


Dr. Hayashi is a dermatologist whose office is located in Munakata Suikokai Hospital on the 1F. Mon-Fri 9am-12pm, also 1st & 3rd Sat of the month. Appointments not necessary but it’s best to arrive early as she usually has many patients. Jump in a taxi from JR Fukuma Station and tell the driver the name of the hospital.

Dr. Sagara speaks excellent English and will have you in and out of his office in just a few minutes. The best time to go is in late afternoon. Located near JR Togo Station. Go out the front exit and turn right. Walk down the hill for about five minutes. He’s in a two-story building on the right-hand side of the road. If you reach the next busy intersection you have gone too far. His name is written in hiragana on the side of the building (???). Til 5pm. Tel 094-032-3269.