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The Chojabaru Jutaku is a 10 minute walk to Chojabaru Station. There are several routes to the station.
One is to take a right out of the apartments, down the hill. You pass the community center on your right and keep walking straight, over the railway track and through the small alley, until you reach the main road. Then turn left and continue past a 4-way intersection. The station is the next left. (The Japan Post Office is across the street, left of the gas station. Look for the orange “〒” logo).

By Train
To Hakata
Once you enter the train station, turn left after the ticket gates, go down the stairs, and then look for track 2 on your right. That will take you to Hakata station every time. Hakata is the last stop. You can also take this train to Yoshizuka, where many ALT meetings are held.

Track 1, on your left, will take you to Sasaguri or Nogata. Track 3, the track on the top platform (straight ahead after passing the ticket gates), will take you to Uminonakamichi and Shingu, which are known for beaches. However, trains going in both directions arrive at the same platform, so check the train’s destination before you get on.

From Hakata to Chojabaru
Chojabaru is lucky to be one of the stops on every train leaving track 8 from Hakata station. If you get on a train at track 8, you will get home. The last train is at 12:07am every night. If you miss it, you can take a taxi for around 2000-3000 yen.

To Tenjin
From Hakata Station, go to the subway and take the train for Tenjin (usually bound for Meinohama). It is the opposite platform from the subway heading for Fukuoka Kuko (Airport) Station.

From Tenjin to Chojabaru
Take the Fukuoka Kuko subway line from the Tenjin subway – the one in the big underground shopping complex just beneath Parco Department Store. Be careful as two trains come through this platform. Be careful not to take the Kaizuka train. Always take the Fukuoka-Kuko line, which will be displayed in English on the sign. From Hakata, follow the directions to Chojabaru.
In order to make the last train from Hakata, you need to get the 11:46 subway from Tenjin. If you miss it, taxis are available and usually cost 3000-3500 yen.

To Fukuoka Airport
Domestic: Either take the train to Hakata and then the subway to Fukuoka Kuko (Airport) Station, or take the express bus heading to Hakata Bus Terminal from outside Pisolino (see below for directions).This bus stops at the domestic terminal of the airport before arriving at Hakata Bus Terminal.
International: There are free shuttle buses from the domestic to the international terminal but they can take around 20 minutes, so plan ahead. Alternatively, there are buses from Hakata Bus Terminal (next to Hakata Station) directly to the international terminal.

By Bus
There are semi-regular buses which depart from the front of Pisolino, the Italian restaurant on the main road of Chojabaru. If you go straight down the hill from the Chojabaru Jutaku, cross over the railway tracks and then take a left at the main road, you should pass it. These buses go to Tenjin (numbers 31 and 310) or Hakata via Fukuoka Airport Domestic Terminal (Hakata Bus Terminal Express Bus 急行). Pay careful attention to the schedule and day! It is recommendable to check Google maps or a local transport app (such as Jorudan) to find out the next bus and its number before heading to the bus stop. At peak times, these buses usually run about 10 minutes or so later than the scheduled time.