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Things to Do

Kasuya Dome – Kasuya Dome is a white dome-shaped sports complex visible from the upper floors of the Chojabaru jutaku. To get there walk past the Kasuya Welfare Center (located behind Building B of the Chojabaru Jutaku) toward the road behind the Welfare Center, take a left, and continue walking straight until you see the park on your left. Membership requires a very short course in which gym staff explain how to use the gym and gym equipment. If you don’t speak Japanese, they can still be very accommodating. It is a municipal facility so the equipment is basic but cheaper than private gyms Remember to bring clean indoor gym shoes. Showers are available, and classes include yoga, aerobics, and pilates. There is also a swimming pool.

Kayoicho Park is the area surrounding the Kasuya Dome. This includes a lake (fishing seems to be allowed, but watch for seasonal signs), and there is a walkway and a rose garden, with roses that peak in May. The ground is ideal for outdoor running or nature walks (1 circuit of the path is about 4.2km).

Marumari Izakaya – A traditional Japanese-style “pub” serving small dishes of various foods along with alcohol. Also home to a chicken-based ramen dish that seems rare in Fukuoka.

Kanbe Udon – An udon shop that you will pass on the way to or from Chojabaru station if you use the main road. The guy making the noodles is from New Jersey, and the owner (nicknamed “Tencho”) speaks limited conversational English but loves to practice on foreigners. Each Monday day night from 7:30pm to 9pm there is an Eikaiwa, or English conversation hangout, where members of the community come to practice English. Many ALTs participate semi-regularly for the great company, plus delicious free food and drinks (though assume it is a potluck style and bring some kind of snack or booze). A great way to interact with native Japanese people in the community.

Cafe Kurata – A delightful cafe with fresh bread, soup, sandwiches, curry, hamburgers, etc. There is a focus on fresh, healthy food at this cafe, and there are several clearly marked vegetarian options on the menu. They also have classes, such as yoga classes or cooking classes, on the second floor.
Open 11am – 8pm (last order at 7:00pm). Closed on Mondays (or Tuesday if the Monday is a national holiday).
Kasuya-gun, Kasuya-machi, Chojabaru 382-47

Pisolino – The newest restaurant in Chojabaru. It is an all-you-can-eat pizza and pasta restaurant, with prices that change depending on the time of day, chosen course and age of the customer. For adults on weekends, it is around 2000 yen per perosn for the basic course. Most of the food is on a buffet table in the middle of the restaurant but customers order the pasta and pizza separately.

Delivery pizza – from Chojabaru you can order pizza from Pizza Pockets (www.pizza-pockets.com) or other shops, which regularly post flyers in mail boxes. Ordering can be done online but payment is cash on delivery.