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Supermarkets and Food

Two convenience stores – both Lawson’s – and two supermarkets are within walking distance.

The first Lawson’s is at the bottom of the hill by the shrine. Walk down the hill with the community center on your right, then turn right at the intersection before the train track and pass the park to the shrine. Turn left down the stairs, pass the train tracks and walk through the parking lot between a factory (I believe it’s a brewery) and an udon shop. The Lawson’s is across the street. Ideal for late-night snacks.

The second Lawsons is a bit farther away. Pass the community center and walk straight over the train tracks and through the small alley between the soy sauce factory and yaki-niku restaurant, then turn left. Walk to the first intersection and cross the street on your right. You’ll see the Lawson’s glowing in the distance, across from the D-Value Supermarket.

This store (“Daikyo Value”) is a standard grocery store. It can be difficult to navigate at first, as things are rather dense and crammed. Items go on sale after 9 p.m., with sushi going half-price. There is a point card but it is more like entering a raffle whenever you shop, so unless you’re really into bargains don’t bother. Recently, the store has been undergoing renovations, so the layout has been changing frequently. Opening times sometimes change, but it currently opens from 9am until 11pm (May 2017).

Sunny is palatial compared to D-Value, with wider aisles, better international selection and a much less chaotic atmosphere. However, it’s a longer haul on foot, especially in winter. Vegetables are cleaner and healthier looking at Sunny than at D-Value, but the prepared foods and fish may not be made as frequently. Open 24 hours.