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Chojabaru Jutaku is one of the newest and largest apartments for Fukuoka JETs. Here is some information about the surrounding area.
Chojabaru is a specific neighborhood of Kasuya Town, which is a commuter suburb of Fukuoka City. Kasuya has one major road with a number of restaurants and grocery stores, making it a convenient place to live. Most entertainment will be found in Hakata, which is a 10-minute express train or 15-minute standard train ride from Chojabaru Station!

Household Goods/Shopping

Shopping is usually handled at Hakata, with a dollar store called Daiso located on the sixth floor the Hakata Bus Terminal (Walk toward Tokyu Hands in Hakata Station and then look to your right). Daiso has a number of things from dishware to cooking spices to tatami mats, bath slippers, and all sorts of household …

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Supermarkets and Food

Two convenience stores – both Lawson’s – and two supermarkets are within walking distance. Lawsons The first Lawson’s is at the bottom of the hill by the shrine. Walk down the hill with the community center on your right, then turn right at the intersection before the train track and pass the park to the …

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Things to Do

Kasuya Dome – Kasuya Dome is a white dome-shaped sports complex visible from the upper floors of the Chojabaru jutaku. To get there walk past the Kasuya Welfare Center (located behind Building B of the Chojabaru Jutaku) toward the road behind the Welfare Center, take a left, and continue walking straight until you see the …

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The Chojabaru Jutaku is a 10 minute walk to Chojabaru Station. There are several routes to the station. One is to take a right out of the apartments, down the hill. You pass the community center on your right and keep walking straight, over the railway track and through the small alley, until you reach …

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