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at a glance

Previously Fukuma and Tsuyazaki

A coastal location makes this summertime hotspot for beachgoers of all kinds

getting there

By train…

– Fukuma Station on the JR Kagoshima Line 1 Nishitetsu Fukuma Station on the Miyajidake Line

By car…

– Northeast of Fukuoka-shi, off Route 3

points of interest

Anzunosato Park is a favorite in spring for hanami. There’s usually a farmer’s market open every day except Tuesday. From the top you can see offshore islands and surrounding farms, and the view west over the ocean also makes this a great place for watching colorful sunsets.

getting there…

Located seven kilometers past the old Nishitetsu Tsuyazaki Station on Route 495.

Fukuma Beach is a popular windsurfing spot in the summer, about 5000 per day. Cafes, bars and pensions along the beach offer a place to relax and soak up the view.

getting there…

The beach is a five-minute cab from JR Fukuma Station.

Fukuma Harbor/Seaside Park has a huge fishing pier on the southernmost part of Fukuma Beach. There’s a live fish market inside the marina that lets you pick your dinner while it’s still moving.

Hinokagenoyu An onsen with stone baths-believed to be very good for blood circulation. 10am-11pm. Last admission 10pm. 1050/visit or 12 tickets for 10 000. Tel 0940-43- 2073.

getting there…

On Route 97 between the start of Fukutsu-shi and Koga.

Miyajidake Jinja One of the most well respected shrines in Fukuoka. As soon as the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, this place is packed to the brim with people for hatsumode, the first shrine visit of the year. Also home to Japan’s largest shimenawa, a shrine decoration made from weaved rope.

getting there…

The nearest train station is JR Miyazadake, from which the shine is a 500m walk east.

Shiraishihama Beach is a quiet and secluded beach where you can watch baby sea turtles hatch in late summer/early fall.

getting there…

By car from Route 495, go 1km past the Tsuyazaki Joyfull and you’ll see a small sign for the beach. Turn left here. At the next traffic signal, turn right. About one mile down the road there will be a small dirt lane off to your left next to a canal.

Suwanoyu Onsen is open 7am-12pm, 490 per person. Bring your own towel or buy one there. For 1000 they offer a sand-bath, 10am-10pm. Tel 094-043- 4126. www.suwa-yu.com

getting there…

From the Nishitetsu Store, turn right onto Route 97 heading towards Tenjin and the bath will be on your right. You’ll see the big neon sign about 300 meters away on your left.

Togo Park and Lighthouse is a fun sightseeing spot with an excellent view of the Genkai Sea and its surrounding area. It is also great in early spring when the sakura are in full bloom.

getting there…

North of Fukutsu-shi, off of Route 533.

Yuhikan Community Center and Public Bath is located on Tsuyazaki Beach. A few minutes walk from the Tsuyazaki police box. Look for a blue and silver landmark design. The bath is about 100 meters beyond that on your right. It’s a fairly new facility, with an indoor bath and jacuzzi, a deck area facing the beach where you can relax watching the sunset and a big tatami room to rest after your bath. Admission 200. Baths 11am-8pm. Tel 094-052-3353.

getting there…

See directions for Enzo restaurant.

eating and drinking


Cafe de Bocco is a chic little cafe perched on Fukuma Beach. Wed-Sun 11:30am-8pm. Tel 094- 043-2628.

Pantai Bagus is a snack stand on Fukuma Beach with jammin’ Reggae music. They have windsurfing , Northern Fukuoka Northern Fukuoka, classes, jet-ski rentals and banana boat and inner tube rides. Open summer only.

Sakaeya is a cake shop that offers free coffee while you shop for confections. Located at the Nissan Red Stage intersection, just past the Nishitetsu Store across from the Bikkuri liquor shop. Tel 094- 043-3977. www.sakaeya.co.jp


Chili Joe’s is a Mexican restaurant in Shingu, just outside Fukutsu-shi. Joe speaks English in a fluent So-Cal accent, the Mexican food is deliciously California-style too. From Route 3, exit near Kashii onto Route 495. Pass a McDonald’s and turn left at the Wajiro intersection heading towards Uminonakamichi Seaside Park. The restaurant is on the 1F of an apartment building next to Lawson. By train, get off at Nata Station on the JR Kashii Line. Exit and go right, walking towards the Sunny supermarket. The restaurant is on your right. Tel 092-608-2828.

Enak Bagus is a spacious izakaya just around the bend and down the street from the Fukuma Harbor/Seaside Park fishing pier. The atmosphere and food are Southeast Asian influenced. Accommodates groups of up to 80 people. 6pm- 12am. Tel 094-038-4030.

Enzo is a beautiful seaside Italian restaurant on Tsuyazaki Beach. Lunch sets start around 1000 and include pasta, salad, a drink and dessert. Follow Route 495 north through Tsuyazaki Town until you see a sign for Enzo on your left. Follow the sign down a narrow road to the beach. You can also get there from the Munakata-Togo area by turning left at the Togobashi West intersection along Route 69. Follow this road for about 15 minutes. Turn left at the third traffic signal (there’s a “Welcome to Genkai” sign on your right). Go about 500 meters to the “Welcome to Fukutsu” sign and the small Enzo sign; make an immediate right. 11:30am-4pm, 6pm-11pm; closed Tue and 1st Mon of the month. Tel 094-062-0948.

Fukagawa is a hole-in-the-wall izakaya that specializes in motsu-nabe, but also has some other tasty food items along with reasonable prices and friendly service. Around the corner from the Nishitetsu Store. Heading north on Route 97, turn left at the “Green Town ENT” intersection, just before the Nishitetsu Store. Fukagawa will be on your right at the next traffic signal. 5pm-LO 10:30pm; closed Tue. Tel 094-043-8922.

Haipo is a steak restaurant just across the railroad tracks east of Enak Bagus in Fukutsu. 11:30am-10pm. Tel 094-043-2200.

Sai Kitchen is in Anzunosato Park. Lunch specials 1000 including dessert and coffee. Wed-Mon 11:30am-3pm.

living there

You can get most necessities in Fukutsu-shi, but Koga (two stops south on the JR from Fukuma) offers more choice. See Munakata-shi’s health section for local doctors.


Daiso is a 100 shop directly across the street from Sunlive on Route 97 (old Route 3) in Koga. There is also one in the Torius shopping complex. 10am-8pm.

Home Wide is a five-minute walk from JR Chidori Station in Koga and right across the street from Genkai High School. It also has a decent supermarket.

Nafco is a must for apartment needs. Ask a friend to take you there by car, or take bus #5 or 26a. On the ocean side of Route 97 in Koga.

Sunlive is similar to (and owned by) Daiei. The supermarket in there has everything under the sun. In front of JR Koga Station.

grocery stores

Fadie Coffee and Wholesale Shop specializes in coffee and restaurant supplies. Next to Daiso in Koga. Stop by for a free cup of coffee. Tel 092- 944-1500.

Marche Supermarket is more than just a grocery store; it also has a Daiso 100 shop, pharmacy, dry cleaners, tea stand, bakery, eyeglass boutique and home goods department. Sale day is Wednesday. In Fukutsu City. 10am-9pm. Next door to the Fukuma post office.

Nishitetsu Store in Fukutsu City has a 100 shop, bakery, dry cleaners and home goods department. Sale day is Sunday. 10am-8pm. A short hop from the Fukuma jutaku at the Nissan Red Stage intersection.


Fitness Club REX is located on the new Route 3 on the left-hand side as you head towards Fukuoka-shi. It is a ten or 15-minute walk from JR Koga Station, but it is recommended that you go by car. A variety of classes are available including aerobics, Latin aerobics, hula, stereo hip-hop, stretch, water aerobics and more. Also, has a weight lifting facility, Jacuzzi, sauna and individual showers. The monthly membership fee ranges from 5500-7000 depending on the program. A one-day trial is available. Some of the staff speaks English. Closed Thu. Tel 092-942-1277.

Well Sanpia Fukuoka is a gym and sports complex near Fukuma Beach. From the Fukuma Mini Stop, you can’t miss the big blue sign. Monthly membership is around 5250 for unlimited access or 600 for three hours use. Mon-Sat 1-9pm, Sun & holidays 10am-6pm. Tel 094-042-2105.


Best Denki is on your left past the Yonezawa Megane glasses store near the Nissan Red Stage intersection. Bring your alien registration card in order to sign up for a member’s card, which is necessary for rentals. 10am-8pm, video/DVD rentals by GEO til 3am. Tel 094-043-0996.

Hot Time Internet Cafe is on Route 97 near Roger’s Warehouse in Koga on the same side of the road, as you head towards Fukutsu-shi. 24 hours.

Matsuya Denki doesn’t have as much selection as some of the bigger electronic stores, but its prices make up for it. Exit JR Fukuma Station to the right and in less than ten minutes, you’ll see it on your right at the “Fukutsu City Hall Fukuma Branch” intersection.