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At a Glance

Soak your troubles away at Futsukaichi’s famous hot springs, where visitors have been relaxing since the Nara Period (710-794)

If you’re new to onsen, it’s a cheap and convenient place to get started, as most of the onsen are in one area

getting there

By train…

– Futsukaichi Station on the JR Kagoshima Line or Nishitetsu Omuta Line


Kangetsukai (lunar festival) September, Monday closest to the full moon

points of interest

Onsen in Chikushino-shi are famous and easy to get to, just a ten-minute walk from the station. The walk from Nishitetsu Futsukaichi Station is a bit further than from the JR station, but you can take the loop bus to the area: “Futsukaichi Onsen” is written in romaji on the bus. It costs 100 to the onsen, but if you get off before that stop, it will (confusingly) cost more. Most onsen are around 500 for entry. Call the Chikushino City Tourism Bureau for more information. Tel 092-922-2421.

eating and drinking

Danbo serves classic tonkotsu ramen and is a Fukuoka favorite. The shop won a ramen competition and has been famous ever since. From JR Futsukaichi, go straight out of the station. Follow the road until you get to the traffic signal, turn right and it will be on your left.

Mokkei offers traditional izakaya fare with a modern twist in a trendy setting. From Nishitetsu Futsukaichi Station, take the East exit, walk to the main street and turn right. At the first traffic signal, turn left and follow that road for three minutes. It’s on the corner right before 7-Eleven.

Najima Yakitori is known for its Italian roll, but also features delicious skewers for less than 150 each. There’s a good variety of food and the beer is cheap. Go out the West exit of Nishitetsu Futsukaichi Station, walk straight to the main street (half a block in front of exit) and turn right. At the first stoplight, cross to the left side of the road and it is directly in front of you.

Portata possesses Italian charm and a vast selection of delicious pastas and pizzas. Prices are reasonable and the owners speak excellent English. Turn right as you come out of the West exit of Nishitetsu Futsukaichi Station. Go right at the second light; Portata is on your right just before Yamada Denki.

Premier Cafe is a cute restaurant that serves a plethora of caffeinated refreshment and pastries. Go out the East exit of Nishitetsu Futsukaichi station, cross the tracks and make your first right just after Fukuoka Bank.

Son House has the best burgers in Chikushino. They are huge and cheap! Wash it down with beer and soda, but be sure to get a side of chicken wings. The owner loves to speak English and welcomes foreign visitors.