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Capsule Hotels & Others

Missed the last train home? If an internet cafe doesn’t appeal, try a love or capsule hotel. They’re more common than you might think!

Capsule Hotels
Generally segregated by sex, capsules are located in business areas for over-worked (or drunk) businessmen who miss the last train. They often offer amenities such as bath facilities, snazzy pajamas and TV lounges. There are many in Tenjin, Oyafuko-dori, Nakasu and Hakata.

Capsule Wellbe Fukuoka Located between Hakata and Nakasu, this men-only hotel costs 3000-4000 yen a night. Tel 092-291-1009. http://www.wellbe.co.jp/fukuoka/index.php

Hotel Cabinas Fukuoka  Rooms run from 3000-4000 yen per night. Men only. Next to Hakata Station; exit from Hakata-guchi and turn right. Look for the red sign up high on the left. http://cabinas.jp/

Love Hotels
If you’ve just met your soul mate in The Happy Cock, maybe a love hotel is your best option for the night. These quintessentially Japanese conveniences (over 300 years old) are scattered throughout Fukuoka City but concentrated along Nakasu River, in Tenjin south of Mitsukoshi and near the airport. Rates for love hotels are hourly (rest) or by the night (stay).

Acqua Myu is on the west side of the city in Odo. Its coolest rooms have an entire bar adjacent to the bed so you can move the party from cocktails to the main course in about two steps. Rest from 2500 yen, stay from 5000 yen. Tel 092-883-0045.

Hotel Ritmo doesn’t have themed decor, but the huge bathrooms (some with full-sized Jacuzzis) and in-room slot machines make this an interesting choice. Look for the large glowing sign on the northeast corner of Imaizumi Park; take the road going west (right if you’re coming from Tenjin) at the southernmost end of Bic Camera. The cheapest room is 2940 yen for 70 minutes and the most expensive is 10,400 yen for the night.

Royal Cas VI Hotel has a Greek/Safari-themed entry and outdoor baths. Everything is computerized to ensure privacy, so you’ll need to know some kanji. Choose the room number to view amenities (not all rooms have DVD players).  Take your ticket, go to your room and don’t worry about a thing until you check out. Half-way down Imaizumi Park on the left side. Rates are similar to Hotel Ritmo.