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Marinoa, Momochi, Nishijin


At a glance

Part of Fukuoka’s seaside, the Marinoa-Momochi-Nishijin areas are where you can catch Fukuoka’s baseball team, the Softbank Hawks, at the indoor Yahuoku! Dome. If you want to see the sun, you can cruise the beach within sight of the Fukuoka Tower. There are also libraries, museums, amusement parks and plenty of shopping.

Getting there

Well served by the Subway Hakozaki Line and Nishitetsu buses from Tenjin.

Points of interest

Fukuoka Tower stands 234 meters tall and is adorned with over 8,000 one-way mirrors, easily one of the city’s main attractions. Enjoy a romantic evening at the restaurant with one of the best views of the city and Hakata Bay, or go to the observation deck hovering at 123 meters. If you’re just there for the view, you can actually see the city from a little higher for free from the Sea Hawk Hotel & Resort next door. Admission is 800 yen, but if you get the Fukuoka Welcome Card, available for free at the JR Hakata info desk or Rainbow Plaza, you’ll save 20%. Apr-Sep 9:30am-10pm, Oct-Mar 9:30am-9pm, special hours for New Year’s and Golden Week holidays; closed last Mon and Tue in June. Tel 092-823-0234. www.fukuokatower.co.jp Take the subway to Nishijin, or Nishitetsu bus to Fukuoka Tower Minami-guchi.

Yahuoku! Dome is where the pride of Fukuoka, the SoftBank Hawks, call home. It is Japan’s first retractable roofed dome and multi-use arena. Besides baseball, the Dome hosts events and concerts. You can also take a backstage tour.
Take the subway to Tojinmachi, or Nishitetsu bus to Fukuoka Dome-mae.

  • Yafuoku Dome backstage tour, 1000 yen. Call for hours. Tel 092-847-1006.

Momochi Seaside Park helps you make the most of the summer heat with a day at the beach. Within walking distance of Fukuoka Tower and the Yahoo! Dome. Tel 092-822-8112 (Fukuoka Port and Seaside Management Center). Take Nishitetsu bus to Fukuoka Tower Minami-guchi.

Marinoa City, known for its Pier Walk, is an outlet mall offering name brands at a discount with more than 130 shops to browse. Adjacent to the mall is Evergreen Marinoa, a seaside leisure complex complete with a luxury hotel and home to Sky Dream Fukuoka, the largest Ferris wheel in Asia. 2-12-30 Odo, Nishi-ku. Tel 092-892-8700. Take the subway to Meinohama Station, or Nishitetsu bus to Nagara Danchi.

Fukuoka City Public Library houses over one million books, Asian films and priceless historical documents. Also equipped with a big-screen auditorium, theater and restaurant. Tue-Sat 10am- 7pm, Sun & holidays 10am-6pm; closed Mon & the last day of each month (the following day if it’s a holiday). 3-7-1 Momochihama, Sawara-ku. Tel 092-852-0600. Take the subway to Nishijin, or Nishitetsu bus to Hakubutsukan Minami-guchi.

Fukuoka City Museum has four exhibition rooms featuring arts and crafts, folk art, historical and archaeological exhibits as well as the Kuroda Memorial Room, which showcases various special exhibits outlining the history of Fukuoka. Adults 200 yen. Tue-Sun 9:30am-5:30pm, weekdays Jul- Aug 9:30am-7:30pm; closed Mon (Tues if Mon is a holiday). 3-1-1 Momochihama, Sawara-ku. Tel 092-845-5011. Take the subway to Nishijin, or Nishitetsu bus to Hakubutuskan Minami-guchi/ Kita-guchi.

Fukuoka City Disaster Prevention Center was designed to educate Fukuoka residents about possible disasters as well as prevention and protection techniques. Simulations of earthquakes, fires and typhoons are available to the curious. Free. Tues-Sun 9:30am-5pm; closed Mon (Tue if Mon is a holiday) & the last Tue in every month.
Take the subway to Nishijin, or Nishitetsu bus to Hakubutsukan Kita-guchi. 1-3-3 Momochihama, Sawara-ku. Tel 092-847-5990.