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Kashii, Higashi Hirao-koen, Hakozaki

At a glance

Home to Fukuoka Avispa’s Hakata no Mori Stadium located in Higashi Hirao-koen. Includes Hakozaki Shrine, and is the home of an enormous flea market! Kashii is home to Kashii Shrine, Aeon Mall Kashiihama, and Island City, an artificial island becoming one of the most popular residential areas in the city.


Higashi Ward Fireworks Festival, September
Held annually on the first Saturday of September, this is one of the largest firework festivals in the city. Located at Kashiihama Beach, near Aeon Mall Kashiihama.

Hojoya Festival, September
This festival began in 919 AD and is one of the three biggest festivals in Fukuoka. Events include a procession of mikoshi (神輿, portable shrine). A few days later, doves, carp and other animals are released into lakes, rivers, mountains and forests to celebrate living creatures.

Getting there

Well served by the subway and Nishitetsu buses from Tenjin.

Points of interest

Higashi Hirao Koen.  Recreation and sports facilities built to international competition standards such as stadiums, track and field venues, and tennis courts are offered here, as well as Hakata no Mori Stadium, home to Fukuoka Avispa. 2-1-2 Higashi Hirao koen, Hakata-ku. Tel 092-611-1515. Take Nishitetsu bus to Higashi Hirao koen-iriguchi.

Hakozaki Shrine. Built in 923, this is one of the three great hachiman shrines in Japan. It’s pavilions and sakura gate are designated as Nationally Important Cultural Properties. The shrine holds major festivals such as Hojoya, featuring a traditional crafts market, and Tamaseseri. 1-22-1 Hakozaki, Higashi-ku. Tel 092-641-7431. Take the subway to Hakozaki- Miyamae or Nishitetsu bus to Hakozaki.

Kashii Shrine. One of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan, Kashii Shrine has close ties with the Imperial Court, and the Emperor of Japan has been sending an imperial enjoy to visit this shrine once every 10 years. The road leading to the shrine is lined with beautiful camphor trees, and it’s a wonderful area to visit on a sunny day. 4-16-1 Kashii, Higashi-ku. Tel. 092-681-1001. Take the JR train to Kashii-jingu or Nishitetsu bus 28B, 27N, or 27B in Tenjin. 

Teriha Spa Resort. Considered the largest super sento (deluxe public bath) in Kyushu, Teriha Spa Resort is only 20 minutes away from the city centre, and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Besides different kinds of baths, there are also restaurants, an area with massage chair, snack bars, etc. There is also a small capsule hotel inside so you can stay overnight. 5-2-15 Teriha, Kashii, Higashi-ku (on Island City). http://www.terihaspa.jp/  Free shuttle bus from Chihaya Station (7 per day) and Hakata Station. (12 per day)