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Entertainment in Fukuoka

Entertainment in Fukuoka City

Most cinemas in Fukuoka City are in Tenjin and Nakasu, but small, private cinemas dot the city as well. For show times in English, visit www.fukuokanow.com and click on “Cinema Guide.”

Cine Salon Praveria in Nishijin is a good bet for more artsy films.

Cineterie Tenjin is the best place for alternative and art-house films from around the world. It’s on Oyafuku-dori, about five blocks toward Nagahama from the Freshness Burger. Tel 092-781-5508.

T-Joy Hakata Station is located on the 9th floor of JR Hakata City at Hakata Station. It mainly shows current blockbusters either dubbed or subtitled. Showing your movie ticket can earn you discounts at certain restaurants in the building.  Tel 092-41-5333.

Toho Cinemas Tenjin (Solaria Plaza 7F and Annex)  is located at two locations in Tenjin, one on 7th Floor of Solar Plaza, and one in Tenjin Toho Building along Kirameki-dori Avenue. Tel 050-6868-5003.

United Cinemas Canal City 13 is located in Canal City. It mainly shows current blockbusters either dubbed or subtitled. Tel 0570-783-550.

United Cinemas in Hawks Town Mall is perhaps the plushest theater in the city. It shows mainly first-run films for the typical price, but the roomy stadium seating is nice. 1000 yen per year gets you a member’s card, which includes a free movie ticket, a free Coke, discounts off the normal price and allows you to collect points that can be converted to additional free tickets over time (one free ticket every five or six movies). www.uci-j.co.jp


There are so many karaoke places in Fukuoka City that it’s best to just explore until you find one that you like. You pay by the hour and can usually choose a nomihodai package. Make sure you understand what you’re getting as some places are purposely tricky with their menus.

Big Echo is a convenient place to start your karaoke education and can be found in the middle of Nishi-dori in Tenjin. They offer a point card that can be redeemed for discounts on the room fee. Basic room fee is 315 yen per hour per person. The nomihodai menu is 1200 yen per hour per person and includes all drinks on the menu. They update their music selection every six months, and although there’s no English menu, they’re used to dealing with JETs. Open 24 hours.

Yu no Hana is a popular onsen located in Nagahama, northwest of Tenjin. It features several indoor baths, as well as outdoor communal baths and large wooden barrels which serve as private tubs. There is also a sauna, steam room, foot-bath and a platform covered in reed mats where you can lay down and cool off. The first and second floors alternate daily between men and women. Admission 700, towel 150. Become a member and get a 50 discount each time. Buy tickets at the machine next to the front desk. Mon-Fri 8am- 3am, Sat-Sun 8am-6am. Tel 092-733-1126.
internet cafes
There are a number of places that offer Internet access in the city, as well as use of printers, copiers and scanners. Many require purchasing a membership, usually around 300-400. The hourly rate is about the same. Some, including Cybac and Popeye’s Media Cafe, offer discounts on all-night use, making them an uncomfortable but cheap way to sleep in the city if you miss the last train home.
Cybac is a chain with several locations. On Nishidori across the street from the Apple store, look for the big yellow car hanging off the front of the building. The second location is closer to the clubs, visible from Oyafuko-dori. A third location is in Nishijin. Take exit #1 from Nishijin Subway Station and turn left on Route 263. Turn left again at Best Denki. Cybac is on the left immediately after Topos. Open 24 hours.
Kokusai Hiroba provides many free services to its members including Internet use.
Popeye’s Media Cafe is located in Tenjin on Showa-dori. Open 24 hours.
Round 1 is an amusement center filled with UFO catcher games and purikura, but also offers Internet access. Across the street from the main Iwataya building.
Space Create is open 24 hours with locations in several areas of Fukuoka.