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at a glance

A small town of about 19 000 people which is sells famous sweet purple grapes in the summer.

getting there

By train, the JR Kurate Station is on the JR Fukuhoku-Yutaka Line (from Hakata, switch at JR Nogata Station to a train heading towards either Mojiko or Orio)

points of interest

Furutsuki Yokoana (Cave) 古月横穴 is set on a small hill that contains a short network of cave dwellings (not open to the public) thought to be over 1000 years old where a number of artifacts and cave paintings have been discovered (not on display). From the JR Kurate Station, it is best to go by taxi (about 1,300; 10~15 minutes.)  Should you get stranded, phone number for the (MG) taxis at the station is 0949-7700.

eating and drinking

Furunogyu レストランふるの牛 has limited Korean dishes but specializes in yakiniku made from Kurate’s own premium herd. Very tasty, but expect to pay ¥2000-3000 to satisfy your hunger. Visible behind the JR Kurate Station, just cross to the other side of the tracks. 580-1 Oaza-Omaki, Kurate-gun, Kurate-machi 11am—10pm, Tues—Sun 0949-42-6175