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at a glance

In 2006, the local administration officially merged the small cities of Inatsuki, Yamada, Usui and Kaho to create what is now Kama-shi today. Mainly consists of countryside scenery and home to Mt. Haseyama, but fruit and vegetable stands can be found in abundance during the summer.

Home to the Kotohira Art Museum, next to the Usui library, which has displayed the work of ALTs in the past.


Good Harvest & Rice Planting Matsuri


Gion Matsuri

Early May

Yamano no Gaku

Late September

getting there

The closest train stations are JR Iizuka and JR Tento Stations on the JR Fukuhoku-Yutaka Line.

By bus #10, 11, 12, or 13 from Iizuka Bus Center or if by car, it’s located to the southwest of Iizuka on Route 211

points of interest

Inatsuki Park is great for picnics and short walks. There is a lookout at the top of the hill and a small playground for children. Parking is available. Located next to the town hall.

Kamashi Onsui Pool Swimming Plaza Natsuki offers weekly aerobics classes as well as a pool and small gym. Get on the #13 or #23 bus and get off at Edasaka. Located next to Natuski-no-yu bathhouse. 29-69 Kamou. 9:30am-9pm Mon-Tues, Thurs-Sat/ 9:30-6:30pm Sun • 0948-20-5600

Kamashi Ritsu Oda Hiroki Bijitsukan
displays works of local artists (including ALT pieces), watercolors and woodblock prints. By car, take Route 413 heading towards Ida from Kamashi. Turn left at the first traffic light in the Ida/ Usui area on that route and go straight, heading towards Usui Shiyakusho. Turn right at the first road and go straight. 767 Kama-usui. 10am-6pm Tue to Sun • 0948-62-5173

is Inatsuki area’s onsen, located on the east side of the river. A huge glass complex containing a community swimming pool and gym facility is next door. Get on the #13 or #23 bus and get off at Edasaka. 24-10 Kamou, Kama-shi. 10am- 12midnight, Closed 2nd Tue each month • 0948-20-5003

Salvia Park has one of the largest pools in Chikuho. No train and limited bus service makes access without a car difficult. The pool is signposted from Yamada-machi in Kama-shi. From Iizuka Bus Center, get on #13 or #23 and get off at Yamada Honmachi Dori. 352 Kami Yamada. 10am-9pm for pool, 9am-10pm for gym • 0948-52-1115

eating and drinking

Ajiyoshi Shokudo has quick service and is well known by the locals for gargantuan but cheap bowls of champon and considerable curry portions. From Iizuka Bus Center, take the #13 and get off at Oseikuchi Dai-ichi, walk in the same direction of the bus and it is across the street, next to Fukuoka Bank. 10am-6:30pm Wed-Mon • 0948-42-0543

Betty’s Burger has a Dairy Queen (American fast food/ice cream chain) atmosphere and offers cheap burgers as well as several variety of teishoku. Caters mainly to the customers of the pachinko parlor next door and thus closing time will depend on the number of people dining. Get on #13 bus from Iizuka Bus Center and get off at Ooyabu in front of the Tanto supermarket. At the intersection ahead turn left and Betty`s is in front of a 7-Eleven. 471-1 Kamou. 11am—5~7pm daily • 0948-42-3690

Menkuitei have huge teishoku and serve various kinds of soba and udon. 645 Yamano, Kama-shi. Take #12 or #13 bus from Iizuka Bus Center and get off at Yamano Danchi. Backtrack slightly and cross the street. 645 Yamano. 11am-5pm (last order 4:30pm) Mon & Wed-Fri, 11am-8pm weekends • 0948-42-8425

Okonomiyaki Yutaro offers a pleasing selection of eat-in or take-out choices. And why not request to mix ingredients of your choice and concoct an okonomiyaki extravaganza for an extra fee? Several different hot side dishes and huge mugs of beer also available. Board the #12 or #13 bus from the Iizuka Bus Center and get off at Yamano. 309-1 Yamano. 11am-9pm Tue-Sun • 0948-42-1421

Isamu has so many fantastic yakitori choices in its English menu it’s akin to being in a grilled meat paradise. By car, head towards Kaho using Route 211. Pass by at least one 7-Eleven, a pachinko parlor and Boshi Kenkou Center. At the Ushikuma intersection turn right and take the right-hand road; the restaurant is directly opposite Power Drug. 184-1 Saigou. 5pm-11pm, closed Mondays • 0948-62-3476 • Eng