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Iizuka has several stations, the biggest being Shiniizuka station which is a hub for morning commute.  Shiniizuka station directly links to Fukuoka’s Hakata station (30-50 minute commute depending on whether you take the express locomotive or the local disel electric locomotive) as well as surrounding cities such as Tagawa (15-30 minutes) and Nogata (15 minutes).

Iizuka Bus Terminal also allows for direct travel to Tenjin, Hakata, Fukuoka Airport and Tagawa as well as local buses to help you get around the city.  Both the railway and bus services are similar in price but the railway allows the luxury of avoiding traffic with its precise arrival times and rare delays.

Getting There

By train

JR Shin-Iizuka and Iizuka Stations can be found on the JR Fukuhoku Yutaka Line; simply change at JR Orio Station on the JR Kagoshima Line if coming from Kitakyushu area. For those living in the Tagawa area, get on the train at the JR Tagawa-Ita or JR Tagawa-Gotoji station.

By bus

Tagawa-bound buses from platform 1 in the Tenjin Bus Center stop at the Iizuka Bus Center then JR Shin-Iizuka station (50 minutes, ¥900 or buy a bus card for ¥10 000, usable on any Nishitetsu bus); the Fukuoka Airport bus also runs from Iizuka.