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A Price sells many globally imported goods, including discount spices and juices. Turn right out of JR Shin-Iizuka Station’s west exit and at the first intersection turn left. Count five traffic lights after the first intersection and A Price is on your left. 1-2-29 Katashima. 9:30am-6:30pm daily • 0948-21-5031

Aso is a chain supermarket with several stores in Chikuho. They have a great selection of local produce and the most accessible branch is close to the Iizuka kyoshokuin jutaku, close to the Shin-Iizuka Post Office • 195-2 Katao • 9:30am—10pm daily • 0948-22-8750

Halloday is great if you have a car, with a wide selection of groceries including fresh produce. Catch the #2 bus in front of Shin- Iizuka Station 680-5 Kawazu 9am—11pm daily 0948-26-5550

Honmachi Arcade in the town centre has a reasonable variety of stores. There are a host of local corner stores selling decent fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. To get there, coming out from the Iizuka Bus Center, turn right and go straight past the takoyaki stand and Ka-san Sushi (listed above). The arcade will be on the left in front of the Lawsons convenience store.

Inatsuki Daiei supermarket, Tento, has fresh local farm produce. Fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and fish are all good here. 21

Trial is an abundantly-stocked superstore selling, among other things, sports gear, electronic devices, clothes and groceries at low prices. A game center and bakery add to the heady retail atmosphere. Turn right after exiting the JR Iizuka Station and go straight until an intersection. Turn left, go straight and it’s on your right. 40-1 Tokuzen Iizuka-shi. Open 24 hours daily • 0948-26-2229

Another branch in Kamisho, Kamashi, is less crowded and more organized. Open 10am-10pm daily • 0948-26-7676