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Points of Interest

Cosmos Common is named after the famous flowers which are the symbol of Iizuka City. This cultural center hosts concerts, plays, lectures and exhibitions throughout the year. There are signs leading to the building from both the Iizuka Bus Center and JR Iizuka Station • 14-66 Iizuka-shi • Hours open depends on the event • 0948-21-0505 http://www.city.iizuka.lg.jp/cosmos/index.html

Iizukashi Rekishi Shiryoukan (Historical Museum)  in Tateiwa has burial grounds thought to be 2000 years old, from the Yayoi Period. Excavated in 1953, they are now a National Cultural Asset. From Shin-Iizuka JR Station, get out of the east exit and ask nearby taxi drivers for directions • roughly a 10 minute walk • 959-1 Iizuka-shi, Kayanomori • 9:30am—5pm Tues—Sun • 0948-25-2930

Itoh Denemon is a property containing an extensive garden and house named after its original occupant, a rich coalmine owner. He built it for his wife, a famous singer from Tokyo. The Denemon house is known to be the first in Kyushu to have toilets with running water. From the JR Urata Station, head towards the Onga river and cross the Kawashima Bridge; follow the signs. 300 Koubukuro, Iizuka-shi. 9:30am-5pm (last entry 4:30pm), Thurs-Mon • 0948-22-9700

Kaho Gekijou (Theater) is the last of its kind in Kyushu, a traditional wooden theater built in 1921 with mats rather than seats to sit in. Various events, mainly musical performances, are held throughout the year. Tickets can be bought from in front of the theater or at a Lawsons or Family Mart convenience store. It is within walking distance of the Iizuka Bus Center or JR Iizuka Station; follow signposts to the theater 523 Iizuka Hours open depends on the event 0948-22-0266

Katsumori Koen (Park)  is a small but convenient park in central Iizuka, famous for its cherry blossoms and azaleas during the hanami (cherry blossom viewing) season. There’s also a children’s playground and a large, swan-filled pond. Coming out from the Iizuka Bus Center, turn right and go straight past the Lawsons convenience store until you see a sign that is labeled both in English and Japanese with the park`s name. Turn right and go straight.

Kayanomori Historic Museum and Kofun in Tateiwa has burial grounds thought to be 2000 years old, from the Yayoi Period. Excavated in 1953, they are now a National Cultural Asset. – getting there…Five minutes from Shin-Iizuka Station. From the West Exit turn right and follow the signs.

The Onga River is 128km long. From Iizuka it goes all the way to Nogata along the embankment (approximately 12km), and is a popular route for joggers and cyclists. During September and October cosmos flowers bloom pink and purple along the trail, a beautiful sight.

Sun Village Akane is a grassy artificial ski slope on Sangun-zan mountain. Ski rentals cost about 1,500 yen with an entrance fee of 3,500 yen. There’s also a hike which takes about an hour from the ski center. Overnight accommodations are also available. To get there by car, take Route 200 south in the direction of Chikushino.  845-38 Yamaguchi, Iizuka-shi • Phone: 0948-72-3331 • http://www.akane-ski-fukuoka.com/