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Iizuka Taikukan (City Gym) is near the Jusco shopping center. There is a shorinjikempo martial arts club and a badminton club among other activitiesand a small but well-fitted training room is provided. Exiting Iizuka Bus Center’s main entrance, turn left and go past a Lawson until you hit the first major intersection. Turn left and the gym is on the other side of the street. 666-11 Edakuni. 9am-10pm daily • 0948-22-6799

Chikuho Heights, aside from its onsen, has a large park with a basketball court, tennis courts and a swimming pool. When the pool is open, it’s a great place to spend time on weekends in the summer. By car, it`s located about 20 minutes from the Kayanomori area on Route 211 heading towards Tagawa. It is on the left across from a baseball field. 8-30 Niho • 11am-7pm daily • 0948-82-0240

Chikuho-machi in the south (recently merged with Iizuka-shi) has a small gym with treadmills and one or two weight machines. ¥100 per session.

Koa Sports Center is a very small but decently fitted gym with many classes from yoga to hip-hop dance to boxercise. It also has a tiny swimming pool and sauna. Varying levels of membership: ¥8900 a month (go as often as you want); ¥6800 a month – night pass (19:00-22:00); ¥2500 per single visit (including training room and/ or class).  It`s a ten-minute walk from the jutaku on Route 200 towards Nogata, next to the Stamina Viking restaurant (mentioned above). 586-1 Namazuta, Iizuka-shi, Fukuoka-ken 820-0001 • 10am—10:30pm • 0948-22-1768