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Eating and Drinking


Bohemian Cafe is a stylish, quiet cafe that serves fantastic coffee and great food. It hosts a monthly live jazz event. From Shin-Iizuka station, go straight down the street on the left, opposite Fukuoka bank. Mon-Sat 12-2pm, 5pm-12am. Tel 0948-21-5128. ¥

Nakamuraya has a typical Japanese menu opposite and sits Shin-Iizuka Station. 11:45am- 3pm, 6-10pm. Tel 0948-25-8844. ¥

Saint Etoile is a great bakery with cheap coffee, plenty of tables and delicious pastries and bread. To get there, get of the west exit of JR Shin-Iizuka and ask for directions to the Aso supermarket, which lies across the street; 4-20 Yoshio  7am—8pm daily  0948-26-1310


Chikyuya is an international cuisine restaurant that serves mostly East Asian dishes. The owner of the branch close to the bus center is a bodybuilding and cowboy enthusiast, likes to perform magic tricks and practice his English on you. There are two locations within the city; one near the JR Shin-Iizuka Station and the other near the Iizuka Bus Center. Ask for directions from either one • 16-27, 2F Hon-machi (for Iizuka Bus Center location)/ 10-17 Shin-Iizuka (for near the Station) • 6pm-1am Tues-Sun (Iizuka branch), 5:30pm-12:3am Mon-Sat (Shin-Iizuka branch) • 0948-24-7888 (for Iizuka branch), 0948-24-7151 •

Chirorinmura to Kuruminoki offers cool jazz to accompany your wine and simple food. To get there take Route 211 heading towards Kaho Higashi High School; you will see it before the route splits into Route 30 and Route 200. 239 Koubukuro. 11am-11pm, closed every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month • 0948-24-5810 • http://homepage3.nifty.com/chirorinmura/ • ¥¥

Don Don Tei has various kinds of okonomiyaki on its menu that will satisfy all your cravings for this unique Japanese `pancake`. Take the east exit from the JR Shin-Iizuka Station and ask for directions to Baskin Robbins, which lies directly in front of Don Don Tei or take a ten minute taxi ride • 162-3 Kayanomori • 11am—2am daily 0948-28-8512 • ¥

Hamakatsu serves a great variety of tonkatsu (breaded and fried things). Near Don Don Tei in the Kayanomori. Tel 0948-24-1796. ¥

Ichi Taro lets you chase your sushi kaiten (conveyor belt) style. On Route 200, coming from Iizuka, past Sporting Core Gym on the right. ¥¥

Kagome Kagome is a trendy Japanese izakaya with friendly staff who will practice their English on you and serve western style dishes. They have an extensive beverage section and give blankets for customers to put over their laps during the cold seasons. From the Iizuka Bus Center, go straight past the Iizuka Post Office and it will be on your right 11-3 Iizuka-shi 5pm-2am, Tues—Sun0948-23-2014 Eng ¥¥

Nogami President Hotel is the biggest hotel in Chikuho, with two restaurants, Chinese and Western, both of which are popular lunch and dinner spots. Also has a decent rooftop beer garden with cheap nomi and tabehodai from June to August. From JR Shin-Iizuka Station’s west exit, turn right. Turn left at the intersection, go straight, and the hotel, with white exterior, will appear on your left near the Iizuka City Hall. 12-37 Shin Tateiwa. Reservations essential • 0948-22-3840 • http://www.nogami-group.co.jp/hotel/• ¥¥

Ray Duck serves homemade burgers in a casual diner-style setting. They offer seventeen different kinds of regular-sized burgers and six types of king size burgers. By car, it’s located on Route 200 towards Fukuoka City. 205 Kawazu. 10am-9pm Thu-Tue •0948-23-9251 •

Ristorante Italiano serves a decent selection of Italian food and relatively cheap pizza. From the east exit of JR Shin-Iizuka Station, go straight until you reach the street. Turn left, go past the traffic light and 7-Eleven until you reach the restaurant on your left. At least a 30-minute walk so taxi might be easier. 1-1Kayanomori. 10:30am-10pm daily (last order 9:30pm) • 0948-22-4413 •

Sanzoku Nabe is an ideal place for large get-togethers. Warm yourself up in the winter with steaming pots of wholesome nabe. By car, it`s located on Route 200. 405 Namazuta. 11am-8:30pm daily • Free Dial 0120-361148 •

Sawabe is a small izakaya with original food and fun staff. Take JR Shin-Iizuka Station’s west exit and go straight down the street facing the station. Turn left after one block and the izakaya is opposite Iizuka Hospital. 17-9 Shin-Iizuka. 11am-6pm daily • 0948-25-1127 •

Stamina Taro is a huge buffet restaurant. Gorge on a wide range of Japanese and international food, including sushi, yakiniku, desserts and various Chinese-inspired dishes. Located within a ten-minute walk of the Iizuka kyoshokuin jutaku. 225-1 Kawashima. 11:30am-3pm, 4pm-10pm daily • 0948-24-1129 • lunch, dinner

Yajirobei has great food, cheap drinks and extremely helpful staff. It’s an excellent place to book for big parties. From the east exit of the JR Shin-Iizuka tation, turn right and go past the bicycle racks until you reach a street. Turn left and continue until you see a 7-Eleven, then turn right. Yajirobei is on the left. 516-2 Kayanomori. 5-11pm daily • 0948-21-0333