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Bars & Clubs

Iizuka’s main nightlife hotspots are situated near Iizuka Bus Center. There are a number of snack bars and izakayas dotted around the area.

Darts Bar has big measures and well-traveled barmen. Take the street located between a pachinko parlor and open drug store and go straight. The bar, identifiable by its green-lit Heineken sign, is on the left. Yoshihara. 6pm—whenever customers leave, daily • 0948-22-2340

Fellows, a tiny but stylish bar/club popular with the younger crowd, is open later than most and hosts the occasional hip-hop night. The extensive cocktail menu is on the expensive side. Tel 0948 25-6724.

Rudies Café is just the place to hone your darts skills on the electronic boards, or just chill on the nice couches with your beverage. Located across the street from the Iizuka Bus Center and I-Town shopping plaza Iizuka-shi, Yoshihara-machi 7-5, 1F Opens between 5~6pm—4am or until last customer, Wed—Mon 0948-24-2466

Smith’s Landing is a small Western-style pub with live bands and many beers. There is a cover charge of a couple hundred yen.  8-10 Yoshihara, Iizuka-shi 0948-22-9001