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at a glance

Composed of Joyo-machi and Yame-shi, the Yame area boasts toro puppet shows and nationally acclaimed, highly sought-after Yame green tea.


Furusato – March

Toroningyo – September 21st or 22nd

Joyo Kinma – November

Getting There

By bus…

– Take Nishitetsu bus #30 or 31 from Nishitetsu Kurume Station to Fukushima bus terminal

By car…

– Use the N-S Highway (Yame exit), Routes 442, 3, and 52

points of interest

Bengala Mura Near the Yabe River, this amusement complex includes a pool, a public bath, and herb gardens. The restaurant even houses a small beer factory!

getting there…
To get there, take any Bengala-Mura bound Horikawa Bus from JR Hainuzuka Station or the Fukushima bus station. 100 Miyano. 10am-10pm • 0943-24-3339 • http://www.mfj.co.jp/bengalamura

Iwatoyama Kofun, a designated historical site, is the ancient tomb of Iwai, the governor of Chikugo in the 600s. Visit the museum to see artifacts recovered from archaeological excavations or walk the grounds of the largest tomb on Kyushu.

getting there…
From Route 3, turn west at the Fukushima High School intersection. 1396-1 Yoshida. 9am-5pm • 0943-22-6611 • http://www.city.yame.fukuoka.jp/iwatoyama

Yame Central Tea Plantation lets visitors glimpse into the production of Yame’s famous tea. Learn about the harvesting process while you gaze over the tea fields of Chikugo and sample the crop.

getting there…
By car, from Route 3, turn east at the Yoshida intersection. Then turn left at the Yame Chuo Daichaen sign and go up the small winding road to the top of the hill. 375-2 Daijinomoto. 9am-5pm; closed 1st & 3rd Sun • 0943-22-6359

Yame Traditional Arts Museum showcases Yame products including handmade paper, green tea, dolls, and paper lanterns. For a nominal fee you can make your own paper or weave textiles.

getting there…
From Fukushima Bus Station walk south about ten minutes and turn right when you see the sign for the public hospital 2-123-2 Honmachi. 9am-5pm; closed Mon • 0943-22-3131

eating and drinking

Tachibana Sushi is a bit expensive, but well worth it for its incredibly fresh sushi.

getting there…
Heading south on Route 3, turn right at the Hirazuka intersection and continue straight through the Baba traffic lights. It will be on the corner. 345-1 Baba. 11am-11pm • 0943-24-3645 • ¥¥¥

living there

Grocery stores

Kurashikan Supermarket will suffice for your day-to-day food needs. It is also open 24 hours in case of any late-night cravings.

getting there…
From Fukushima Bus Station, walk south about ten minutes and turn left at the public hospital. Continue until you see the supermarket. 2-61 Honmachi-Azajigochano. 0943-24-0131

Shopping Youme Town Yame has everything the mega-mall chain usually offers including a small selection of import foods.

getting there…
Take Horikawa Bus #37 from JR Hainuzuka Station, or look for it on Route 15, north of Route 442 by following the giant pink Youme Town signs. 988-28 Daiji-Kanahara. 9:30am-10pm • 0943-23-0666

For more services, go to Kurume-shi or Chikugo-shi.