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Tachiarai-machi 大刀洗町

at a glance

Having deep connections to a military history, Tachiarai-machi offers the opportunity to learn about Japanese aviation strategy during WWII. The town also is home to the Kyushu branch of Kirin beer and grows delicious spinach and strawberries.

Getting There

By train…

– Take Amagi Tetsudo to Tachiarai Station

By bus…

– Take the Hita-bound Highway Bus to Kosoku Tachiarai (高速大刀洗).

By car…

– Use the E-W Highway (Amagi exit and head southwest; Chikugo-Ogori exit and head south), Routes 322, 53, and 14

points of interest

Tachiarai Peace Memorial Hall 大刀洗平和記念館 This somewhat unknown museum houses artifacts from World War II and specifically from the Tachiarai Airfield, which held a vital base and flight school and was the center of Japanese military aviation strategy until it was bombed in 1945. Inside Amagi Tetsudo Tachiarai station, there are two aircrafts on display along with uniforms, pictures, maps, money and letters. It stands as a powerful memorial to fallen pilots. Admission is ¥500 for adults and ¥300 for children. 417-3 Mii-machi Takada. 9:30am-5pm • 0946-23-1227

Kirin Beer Park 機連ベアパーク福岡 is the place to take a free tour through the brewery and learn everything about Kirin Beer, from the ingredients to the packaging and delivery. Perhaps the highlight of the tour is the 20-minute all-you-can-drink tasting at the end. Next to the brewery is a restaurant that serves lamb, steak, and all other delights that go down nicely with the freshly brewed Kirin. In the fall, Kirin opens its popular Cosmos Flower Garden to visitors.

getting there…

You’ll see a big sign for the brewery as you approach the Amagi Interchange bus stop. From Amagi Tetsudo Tachiarai station, turn left onto Route 500 and walk for five minutes. 3601 Takada. Brewery tours: 11:30am-9pm, closed Mon. Restaurant: 11:30am-9pm • 0942-23-2132 • http://www.kirin.co.jp

Living There

For more services, go to Asakura-shi or Kurume-shi