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at a glance

Recently formed from the towns of Setaka-machi, Takata-machi, and Yamakawa-machi, Miyama-shi is home to the beautiful and historic Kiyomizu-dera and the H?man shrine, which showcases amateur noh performances.


Kouwakamai Dance – January 20th

Don Kyan Kyan – October

Noh Performance – October 17th

Getting There

By train…

– Take the Nishitetsu Tenjin-Omuta line to Enoura Station or the JR Kagoshima line to Setaka Station

By bus…

– The Omuta Highway bus stops on the highway at Setaka and Yamakawa, but neither is very convenient. The Horikawa bus company runs between Yanagawa and Setaka By car: Use the N-S Highway (Nankan or Yame exits), Routes 443, 208, and 209

Points of Interest

Kiyomizu-dera Situated on Kiyomizu-yama, this beautiful and historic temple contains 500 Buddhas and the gravestone of Bash?, the famous haiku poet. Before heading directly up to the temple complex, visit the viewing garden, which surrounds a pond shaped into the kanji for “love”. The temple and garden are popular for their surrounding autumn foliage, but some consider the area haunted.

getting there…
It’s ten-minute walk from JR Setaka station—exit at the back and head straight on Route 443. When you come to the Higashi-machi intersection, veer left onto Fukuoka Route 775 and continue up the mountain. Setaka-machi Motoyoshi. Garden: 9am-5pm; closed Mon • 0944-63-7625

Living There

For more services, go to Kurume-shi, Yanagawa-shi, or Omuta-shi.