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at a glance

Hoshino-mura is a beautiful village proud of its excellent tea, clear night skies, and large firefly population in the summer. Get away from the city lights to camp along the Yabe River and look at the stars.

Getting There

By bus…

– Take the Hoshino-mura bound Horikawa bus from Yame-shi Fukushima bus station

By car…

– Take Route 3 to Route 52

points of interest

Ocha no Bunkakan At the Tea Culture Center, you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about Japanese tea. For ¥600 you can try high-quality ocha and see the intricacies of temperature and brewing. You can even eat tea leaves with soy sauce! It is a great place for souvenirs, too.

getting there…

Located on Ikeno-yama, turn right off of Route 52 at the Hoshino Village Office and go up the mountain and follow the signs for 10816-5 Hoshino-mura. 10am-5pm; closed Tues • 0943-52-3003 • http://www.hoshinofurusato.com/tyanobunka

Hoshi no Bunkakan Sister of the Tea Culture Center, here at the Star Culture Center you can look through the telescope at the dazzling night sky for ¥300. While you’re there, visit the exhibits on the solar system and space.

getting there…

Head towards Ocha no Bunkakan on Ikeno-yama and look for the signs for 10828-1 Hoshino-mura. 0943-52-3000 • http://www.hoshinofurusato.com/hoshinobunka

Living There

For more services, go to Yame-shi or Kurume-shi.