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at a glance

Composed of the former Miwa-machi and Yasu-machi

Known for its pottery and agriculture


Spring Pottery Matsuri April 29th-May 5th

Omunachi Shrine Okunchi October

Kagashi Matsuri November 2nd-3rd

getting there

By bus…

– Buses #40 and #41 from Asakura Gaido run down Route 386, through Chikuzen.

By car…

– Route 386

eating and drinking

Koraien serves up good yakiniku and Korean bibimba. Take the bus to Shin Machi. Koraien is on Route 386, out the front, and to the left of the elementary school gates. 11:30am-10pm every day. Closed the second and fourth Thursday. Tel 0946-23-0666.

Ajisen Ramen is a Taiwanese restaurant with decent ramen and Chinese dishes. Take the bus Kurita on Route 386, walk back a short distance, and you will see a big yellow sign outside with the restaurant’s name written in red Japanese. 11am-3pm and 5-10pm. Closed Mon (except when Monday is a public holiday). Tel 0946-24- 1913.

living there

For more services, go to Kurume or Fukuoka-shi.