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At a Glance

The namesake of the Chikugo area that proudly produces shochu, nashi, and ayu. Take a dip in the Funagoya onsen and watch or take part in the impressive, dressed-up festivals.


Kumano Shrine Tsuina Matsuri – January 5th

Rope-hauling Obon Matsuri – August 14th

Getting There

By train…
Take the JR Kagoshima Line 2 to Hainuzuka Station

By bus…
Take Nishitetsu bus #50 and #52 from JR Kurume or Nishitetsu Kurume Stations

By car…
Use routes 209, 442, and 89

Points of Interest

Funagoya Hot Spring  Rest here along the Yabe River, where the spring water has the richest carbonic acid content in Japan. Soaking in it is said to be good for heart diseases and anemia and drinking it is beneficial for gastrointestinal disorders. This area is especially beautiful in the spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom and the lush green leaves of the camphor trees grow thick. In addition to visiting the onsen, you can also go camping, play golf, ride horses, and in the summer, swim in the river.

getting there…
From JR Hainuzuka station, take Nishitetsu bus #50 headed towards Funagoya and get off at the Shin-Funagoya bus stop. By car, take Route 209 south until you see the big red bridge across the Yabe River. The onsen is on the east side of 209. 805-1 Funagoya. 10am-4pm in winter; 10am-6pm in summer • 0942-52-3322

Eating and Drinking

Fools is a reasonably priced, small bar with a cozy atmosphere and every kind of drink you can imagine.

getting there…
Walking straight out of JR Hainuzuka Station, turn left after three blocks. It’s located in a building on the right with several other bars. 1124-1-2F Daiji-Yamanoi. 6pm-close • 0942-53-9789 • ¥¥

Hiwakaya is a chanko nabe restaurant and one of the nicest places to eat in Chikugo-shi. On top of the great food, the owner also loves to hang out and drink with foreigners. There’s nothing like eating live squid!

getting there…
It’s across from JR Hainuzuka station, with a big neon sumo wrestler on an orange and green building. 176 Daiji-Yamanoi. 11am-2pm & 5-10pm • 0942-53-300 • Lunch ¥, Dinner ¥¥¥

Pabitra is an Indian restaurant between Hainuzuka and Funagoya stations.

getting there…
From the Hainuzuka or Yamanoi areas, walk South on Route 209 until you see the restaurant on your left. 371-1 Nomachi, Chikugo. 0942-52-0344.

Tenpudon has the best tasting ramen in the city.

getting there…
Heading south on Route 209, pass the Yame High School intersection. It’s next to a bookshop on the right. 1198-2 Shimokitajima. 11am-2pm & 4-9pm • 0942-52-3754 • ¥

Woody This café-style restaurant serves good coffee, desserts, and Western entrees.

getting there…
It’s just north of the Yame High School intersection on Route 209. 240-1 Daiji-Izumi. 10am-10pm; Closed Thu • 0942-53-0724 • ¥

Living There


Marty Yamaguchi offers Karate lessons in Chikugo-shi and teaches classes six days a week. The dojo is about a three-minute walk from the jutaku. Marty taught himself English by watching movies and loves to talk about cinema. Everyone is welcome to join his classes, independent of level. One month of unlimited classes: ¥5000. 550-1 Daiji-Yamanoi. 0942-53-5638 • marty@mx2.tiki.ne.jp

Chik-go Akasaka is a local taiko group! Practice is on Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm at Sathankusu. The fee is 3,000 yen per month. Any skill level is welcome! The members don’t speak English very well, but they’re friendly! Please see more information here: http://www.city.chikugo.lg.jp/shimin/_2136/_1728/_6220/_7022.html

For more services, go to Kurume-shi.