The LMS Method

  • One Large suitcase: To ship to Fukuoka from Tokyo.
  • One Medium suitcase or overnight bag: To take to Tokyo Orientation.
  • One Small carry-on or handbag: Containing  your passport and general travel items.



Anything you will not immediately need in Tokyo. This includes gifts for bosses and co-workers, any teaching supplies and most of your clothes.

When arriving in Tokyo, you will have the option to ship your large suitcase to your workplace in Fukuoka, which will be collected by your coworkers and given to you when you arrive after Orientation. It is highly recommended that you take advantage of this option as it is inexpensive (about 2500 yen a bag, usually billed to you around October) and your domestic flight to Fukuoka is likely to have a lower luggage limit than your international flight to Tokyo.



Pack for a three-night stay in a hotel, with professional attire suitable for an air-conditioned environment. Include necessary toiletries and casual summer-clothing to wear out to dinner or whilst exploring the city in the evenings.



Any important documents such as your passport and emergency contact information, as well as personal amusement items such as ipod, books, notebook and pens. It is advised to carry prescription and non-prescription medications (including birth control and inhalers) with you along with a copy of any prescriptions. Japanese law requires foreigners to carry passports at all times.


This method of packing will assist in making your Tokyo Orientation and arrival in Fukuoka a smooth, hassle-free experience.