Congratulations on being selected to participate in the JET Programme and being placed in Fukuoka Prefecture!  Fukuoka is known throughout Asia as having a vibrant international community and consistently rated as one of the best places to live in Japan.  Check out the links below to best prepare yourself for commencing your Fukuoka JET experience.

On behalf of the JET community in Fukuoka, we are excited to meet and work with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations on your placement in Fukuoka! We’re sure you have many questions, and we hope The Fukuoka JET Website can answer them. Who made this site? This site was written by volunteers from the Fukuoka JET community, including ALTs, CIRs and PAs. We aren’t “The JET Programme” or your employers, so feel free to contact …

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Souvenir Suggestions: Omiyage

AT A GLANCE Omiyage (お土産 pronounced oh – me – ah – geh) is the Japanese word for souvenirs.  Chances are someone at a Pre-Departure orientation has suggested that you bring omiyage to give to your colleagues. If bringing gifts for 70+ people sounds daunting, it is – especially for a first timer. So, to …

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Types of JET Living Situations

Most JETs in Fukuoka live as single-dwellers in jutaku, which are subsidised apartments for government employees or teachers.  This means that most JETs usually have a number of other JETs as their neighbours.   However, instead of jutaku, some JETs may find themselves in countryside apartments without any foreigners in close proximity.  Also, not all JETs are single-dwellers, …

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First Month Checklist

With lessons suspended until September, you may find yourself with a lot of time at your desk. Make it productive. Within your first month you should: Register with your embassy. Make a spare key and put it in a secured location other than your home (such as your work desk drawer, etc.). Have a good idea …

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A Packing Guide For New Fukuoka JETs

AT A GLANCE Fukuoka has been voted the best shopping destination in the world so when it comes to accessing most every day goods, Fukuoka retailers will have you covered.  However, there are some things that you should pack to have on hand as soon as you arrive and, as is the case with any foreign …

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