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Fukuoka City Subway

The system is relatively simple because there are only three lines. Fares start at ¥200 and increase with distance traveled. Trains operate between 5:30am and 12:25am, leaving every four to ten minutes.

Also, the subway is offering 100yen “O-tonari” tickets. This means that you pay only 100 yen to go to the adjacent station.

Kuko Line runs east-west from Meinohama (with service to Karatsu in Saga-ken) to Tenjin, Hakata and Fukuoka Airport. If you take a train towards Karatsu, then you will have to pay for a make-up ticket.  This is because from Meinohama westward, the line is run by JR.

Hakozaki Line runs north-south from Nakasukawabata to Kaizuka. TheYoshizuka Branch Office Building is on this line. Nanakuma Line, the most recently constructed, connects Hashimoto to Tenjin-Minami. The transfer from Tenjin-Minami to Tenjin Station requires a fortuitous five-minute walk through an underground shopping mall. Retain your ticket and use the green transfer turnstiles. You have a period of two hours to complete your transfer.

More information about the Fukuoka City Subway can be found on their website here.