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Ferries can be used as cheap alternatives for long-distance travel.  You can leave Friday evening after work and be in Osaka at 8:30 am on Saturday morning, well-rested, bathed and fed!  A great way to spend a weekend in Kansai and you only need the Shinkansen to get back to Kyushu.

You can read more about domestice long-distance ferry routes:


For overnight service from Kokura/Shin-Moji to Osaka… From Kokura Eki Kita, there are two ferry lines that offer bus service taking you right to the port:



JR operates a ferry which connects Fukuoka and Busan, Korea:


Kanpu Ferry goes to Busan from Shimonoseki:


Wakamatsu–Tobata. This ferry is an alternative to the bus over the harbor between these two parts of Kitakyushu:

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