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Discount Passes

Public transportation companies offer cheaper fares if you purchase multiple trips in advance, typically by purchasing ticket packs or transit cards. Take advantage of discount fares to find the cheapest routes. For example, it may often be cheaper to buy a day pass for the bus, rather than taking a combination of buses and trains.

One-day passes, afternoon passes, couple, family and group passes are available.

Nimai/Yonmai Kippu (二枚/四枚切符): These are packs of two/four substantially discounted tickets between two points on the limited express/ shinkansen. Endpoints, however, are set.

Kaisuken (回数券) are booklets of tickets valid between two stops. They may, for example, include eleven tickets for the price of ten. These are used on the Horikawa buses.

Teikiken (定期券)are commuter passes valid between two stops that also allow you to get on and off anywhere in between.  They are available for periods of one, three or six months.  Most cost-effective for those who take the same route regularly.

Useful vocabulary for traveling:

Ticket   kippu  (切符)

Oneway   katamichi  (片道)

Round trip  oh-fuku  (往復)

Train platform   hoomu  (ホーム)