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TV & Radio

NHK is Japan’s public broadcasting company. It is free of advertising and, like the BBC, funded by a mandatory reception fee charged equally to all households with at least one TV set. The fee is ¥1395/ month. The fee increases if you decide to use a broadcast satellite system (also known as a BS). You can reduce your fees by paying by automatic withdrawal from your savings account (¥2690/ 2 months) or by paying for several months in advance (¥7650/ 6 months).

For more information about your NHK Reception Fee, visit the NHK’s Official Website.

Fukuoka has a total of seven television stations: two NHK channels (General and Educational) and five commercial stations, all of which broadcast some foreign language content.

  • NHK bilingual news (English) airs at 7pm and 10pm daily (Sundays at 7pm only).
  • Foreign films, usually in English but sometimes in Korean or Chinese, air at 9pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays on commercial stations. Look for bilingual programs specially marked in foreign language newspaper TV listings.
  • A bilingual switch (onsei kirikae) on your TV, video or audio system is necessary as Japanese and original soundtracks are broadcast simultaneously.

Cable TV and satellite services have a more robust selection of foreign-language programs. Ask at an electronics store for details or see Internet Service Providers for more options.

The following are major subscriber TV providers:

Eight radio stations in Fukuoka broadcast primarily in Japanese.

Love FM (82.7 in Kitakyushu, 76.1 elsewhere) regularly has foreign language programming.