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Landline Telephone

There is probably a landline already installed in your home, and chances are you will simply take over paying your predecessor’s bills. If there is no line and you would like one, talk to your supervisor.

Family overseas will likely urge you to have one as it’s cheaper to call a landline number than a mobile. The base rental price without making any calls is about ¥2500/mo. A fixed line is often required for internet service.

Service Providers

Lines can be rented from:
Softbank Telecom ISPs

Most JETs with a fixed line choose to pay only the basic rental fee and use a separate company with more advantageous rates for making calls.

World Link has low domestic and international rates and caters to JETs. No extra equipment necessary, just register your phone number with the company.

Internet service providers take advantage of unused capacity on your line and route calls over the net to give you a quality low-cost communications service (internet protocol or IP phone). Rates can be as low as ¥3 per minute. See Internet Section.

Calling Card prices include the per-minute rate in the purchasing price, and access numbers are toll free so you will not be billed extra by your fixed line or mobile company. Cards are sold at convenience stores or on the net and many are rechargeable.
Brastel has prepaid cards in amounts of ¥1000, ¥3000, ¥5000 or ¥10 000.
Moshi Moshi is a prepaid card from SoftBank.

Check out Cloncom for over 110 prepaid calling cards