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Operating Appliances

Interpreting and Effectively Operating Your… TV Remote Some television channels have programs/movies/news with the option of removing the Japanese dubbing. Locate the bilingual switch on your remote usually denoted by these characters: 音声 切り替え(onsei kirikae) and you should be able to enjoy these programs in their original language. The Air Conditioner (Aircon) Remote This remote is …

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Summer Survival

In the midst of the hot, sticky summer in Fukuoka, here are some things to keep in mind … Baby powder is not just for babies. It absorbs moisture on sweaty humans of all ages. Sprinkle behind the knees, on your neck or anywhere your skin comes in uncomfortable contact with itself. Mould (カビ kabi) grows quickly …

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Winter Survival

Fukuoka winters can get surprisingly cold, and heating methods are supplementary rather than central. Here are several methods you can use to keep warm. Slippers, cozy socks and layers of cheap unattractive clothing are your first line of defense. Cooking is healthy, gets you moving and the gas burners and toaster oven generate lots of heat. …

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Trash and Recycling

Strict refuse disposal laws and the constant turnover of JETs often lead to ridiculously cluttered apartments. Before you can properly settle in, you will probably have to throw some things out. Disposal regulations, however, are determined by each municipality and can vary substantially. The following information should be used as a general guide only. Pick …

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Kyoshokuin Jutaku

Welcome As your day of departure draws near you are beginning to wonder exactly where you will be living once you arrive in Fukuoka. Many Prefectural ALTs (JHS and SHS ALTs, not Municipal ALTs, Kitakyushu City ALTs, or CIRs) live in kyoshokuin jutakus (教職員住宅). Although the title may seem like a mouthful it simply translates as …

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