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Zen Buddhism

There are two major schools of Zen Buddhism in Japan. One is the Rinzai sect, and the other is the Soto sect. There are subtle differences between the two in terms of practice, though both employee the use of zazen (座禅), or sitting meditation.

Listed below are some websites and resources you can use to get access to these temples. It is recommended that you learn the basics of zazen before showing up. You may be given some explanation when you arrive, but chances are it will all be in Japanese. It’s best to be prepared! A good place to start is http://global.sotozen-net.or.jp.

The following locations are all in Fukuoka:

Ankokuji Temple. Call ahead for dates and times. Free. 3-14-4 Tenjin, Chuo-ku. Tel 092- 741-2770.

Chinzei Zazen Dojo [Kokura]. 500m from the Tobata bypass. 1-4-1 Miyako, Kokura-kita-ku. Tel 093-571-7747.

Koshuji Temple. Every second Sunday from 7.30am. ¥1500/year. 2-22-11 Terazuka, Minami-ku. Tel 092-541-2348.

Myokoji Temple. 6-8pm Sat (must arrive by 5:40pm). Free. 3-8-52 Yoshizuka, Hakataku. Tel 092-621-2698.

Torinji Temple. Third week of each month Mon-Fri. 6am-7am April-Oct; 6.30-7.30am Nov-Mar. Free. You must participate every day. 3-7-21 Hakataeki-mae, Hakata-ku. Tel 092-431- 0990.

Kenkoin. Every first and third Sunday from 9am. ¥200 per visit. 9-2-4 Hinosato, Munakata-shi. Tel 0940-36-1420.