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Unfortunately, there are no local places of worship for Jews in Fukuoka. Many have gone to the Jewish Community Center of Kansai, located in Kobe. There are multiple Jewish centers in Tokyo as well. For those interested in finding other Jews in Kyushu, there is an AJET sponsored Jewish Special Interest Group (SIG).

Here are some resources to get you started:

Jewish Community Center of Kansai

In addition to hosting holiday events, JCC is your best bet for procuring Kosher food or other special holiday foods such as Matzo. They order in large batches usually commencing with the major holidays, and will add your order to their own if requested and paid in advance.

Chabad Jewish Community Center of Tokyo Japan

A note on keeping kosher in Japan: Rabbi David Gingold of JCC Kobe has indicated that those wishing to maintain a strictly kosher diet will have a particularly difficult time of it in Japan. Kosher products are not readily available outside major cities, and even in major cities, they are rare. He has advised that, in a pinch, unleavened bread from the supermarket and wasabi are deemed acceptable for holiday celebrations.