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There are many churches in Fukuoka. Protestant churches are quite common and quite easily found. Finding a church representing a smaller sect (such as Latter-Day Saints, Jesuit, or Russian Catholic churches) will take a little more work to find, but they are there.

Here are some resources to get you started:

Japan Assemblies of God (JAG) is based in Tokyo and has seven associated Protestant churches in Fukuoka. Tel 03-3918-0477.

J-CARM and Holy Ring are similar associations for Catholic churches.

Japan Baptist Bible Fellowship lists locations nationwide.

If you cannot find a church near your location and/or are interested in networking with Christian JETs, there is the JET Christian Fellowship (link to word document), a group organized by JET participants for JET participants.

Fukuoka City

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 4-10-7 Yakuin. Daimyo-machi Catholic Church. English mass Sun 4pm. 2-7-7 Daimyo. Tel 092- 741-3687.

Fukuoka International Church Sunday worship. 10.45am-12pm in English and Japanese. 1-12-45 Daimyo. Tel 092-716-7789.

United Christ Church of Japan Kyushu Christian Center. 1F, 2-7-7 Maizuru Daimyo. Tel 092-712-6678. Fukuoka Central Church 3-26-5 Haruyoshi. Tel 092-713-8221.


Fukuoka Korean Christian Church. 5-11-48 Chiyo, Hakata-ku. Tel 092-651-9786.

Hakata New Life Church. Sunday service 10:30am. A 20-minute walk or five-minute bus ride from JR Hakata. 3-13-29 Hakata Ekimae 812-0016. Tel/Fax 092-481-5477.

Hikarigaoka Catholic Church. 1-1-15 Hikarigaoka-machi. Tel 092-581-0570.

Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church. 3-9 Susaki-machi. Tel 092- 291-2404.

Japan Baptist Church. 1-10-28 Aoki. Tel 092- 623-1442.


Seinan Gakuin Baptist Church. 7-5-35 Nishijin. Tel 092-821-2852.

Nishijin Catholic Church. 3-14-1 Josei. Tel 092-851-8032.

Chikugo Region

Amagi Bible Baptist Church. 1-13 Amagi, Amagi-shi. Tel 0946-24-7726.

Kurume Bethel Christ Church. Mostly bilingual Sunday service at 10:30am with an English translation of the sermon on headsets. Pick-up/ drop-off at Nishitetsu-Kurume provided. 2192-172 Kamitsu-machi, Kurume-shi. Tel 094-221-8638.

Chikuho Region

Nogata Christian Center English Bible School with an American missionary. Sunday 9.30am; worship and bilingual song service 11am. Pastor Nozomi Ikutake speaks English. 1-2-2 Mizobori, Nogata-shi. Tel 0949-24-8942.

Fukuoka Region

Munakata Bethel Christian Center. Sunday service. 10:30am. Pastor Nils Olson speaks English and Japanese. Sue 529-1 Munakata-shi. Tel 0940-33-3200

Kitakyushu Region

Kokura Catholic Church. English mass Sunday 2pm. Kawaraguchi 1-3-1, Kokurakita- ku. Tel 093-921-0093.