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Many religions are accessible in Fukuoka, however, some will be much easier to find than others, and most will necessitate a trip to Fukuoka City. Those looking to practice a religion other than the native Buddhism and Shinto faiths or Christianity will need to travel a bit further. For example, there are no synagogues in Kyushu— the Jewish Community Center in Kobe is the nearest place to practice Judaism. The following pages will help you get started, but it is not an exhaustive survey. Perhaps your home place of worship knows about chapters in Japan. Your best bet is to find others of the same faith live in the area. Try posting a sign on your town’s bulletin board – who knows, there might be someone of the same faith next door!

Zen Buddhism

There are two major schools of Zen Buddhism in Japan. One is the Rinzai sect, and the other is the Soto sect. There are subtle differences between the two in terms of practice, though both employee the use of zazen (座禅), or sitting meditation. Listed below are some websites and resources you can use to …

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Fukuoka is home to the only Islamic mosque in Kyushu. Overseas students from Kyushu University form the majority of the local Muslim community. The Fukuoka Masjid Al Nour Islamic Center is the only mosque in Kyushu. http://www.fukuokamasjid.org/ The Kyushu University Moslem Students Association (KUMSA) serves the Muslim student body of all Kyushu University campuses. 6-10-1 …

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There are many churches in Fukuoka. Protestant churches are quite common and quite easily found. Finding a church representing a smaller sect (such as Latter-Day Saints, Jesuit, or Russian Catholic churches) will take a little more work to find, but they are there. Here are some resources to get you started: Japan Assemblies of God …

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Unfortunately, there are no local places of worship for Jews in Fukuoka. Many have gone to the Jewish Community Center of Kansai, located in Kobe. There are multiple Jewish centers in Tokyo as well. For those interested in finding other Jews in Kyushu, there is an AJET sponsored Jewish Special Interest Group (SIG). Here are …

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