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Fukuoka JET Dress Code

The dress code as presented here will primarily be enforced when and where other Board of Education staff members are expected to uphold similar dress standards (ex: at BOE staff meetings or events).  Everyone, unless otherwise permitted by the BOE, is expected to observe the dress code as outlined here.  For appropriate dress at your respective school(s) please take note of what other teachers there wear on a daily basis.  Your school(s) may be stricter or more lenient than what is presented here.

 The following is a list of UNACCEPTABLE clothing, accessories, and footwear:


              Men –                Translucent/Body hugging shirts

                                          Tank Tops

                                          Shirts with obscene, vulgar, and/or offensive prints


                                          Shorts (Except for P.E./Sports Classes)

           Women –             Translucent/Body hugging shirts

                                          Low cut, bare back, strapless tops, spaghetti straps, sleeveless, tank tops*

                                          Shirts with obscene, vulgar, and/or offensive prints


                                          Shorts (Except for P.E./Sports Classes)

                                          Skirts shorter than 4 fingers above the knees

 *It is not appropriate to wear shirts that show your back, stomach, or an excessive amount of cleavage when leaning over or lifting up your arms.  Additionally be careful of bra straps hanging out.


              Slippers (Flip Flops)

              Platform Shoes

              Shoes that are excessively bright (in terms of color and décor)


Unnatural Hair Color (i.e. extreme colors)

 Apparent Body Piercing (Mainly those on the face i.e. nose, eyebrow, tongue, mouth etc.)

 The following is a list of ACCEPTABLE clothing:


              Men/Women – Shirts with no prints


              Men –                Dress shoes

                                          Sports shoes (for particular events)

              Women –           A low heel shoe

                                          Sports Shoes (for particular events)


The following is a list of PREFERRED clothing:


              Men –                 Shirt with collar

                                          Shirt and Tie

                                          Dress Pants


                                          Business Suit

             Women –          Blouse

                                          Shirt with collar

                                          Skirt/Dress Pants

                                          Business Suit


              Men –                  Dress/Casual Shoes (with socks)

             Women –          Dress/Casual Shoes

                                          Sandals with a back strap


 ***On meeting days ALTs should come to the meeting appropriately dressed for the BOE regardless of what they may be allowed to wear at their respective schools.***